Baby and you : 5 Things You Don’t Need For Your Baby

Baby and you: LOOT have brought to you a list of 5 things you don’t need for you baby.

baby-photo-shoot-3First time parents? We are sure that everyone is giving you plenty of advice, along the unmarked road to parenthood and I bet you didn’t realise it would be this expensive, did you!? Products are presented to you to make you feel like you may very well fail at their upcoming task without the shiny new products begging for purchase.

LOOT experts are here with a little advice on what to take out of the shopping trolley. The things that you do not need to buy your newborn baby.


Love is all your child truly needs, but it is nice to have a few essentials to make parenting just a little easier. Knowing what is (and what is not) essential in the marketing jungle is difficult for anyone, let alone a first time parent who feels unprepared for any part of this adventure.

We have kept it simple. Let us start by crossing these 5 items off your shopping list. Do it and it will help you keep the pennies in your wallet, we promise that your little one won’t even realise and it will not signal parenting failure, okay.

Place a baby changing station onto of your existing furniture to save money and space!

Place a baby changing station ontop of your existing furniture to save money and space!

1. Baby changing table.

Some parents prefer to use the floor or their beds when changing their baby. If height is what  you are after many parents simply put a baby changing pad on top of the dresser or chest of drawers.

2. Nursery décor.

That includes the very expensive bedding your partner has spotted. Choose colours that are gender neutral to save money in the long run.

3. Designer baby clothes.

Avoid buying your baby designer baby clothes, for obvious reason! The likelihood of your baby wearing the item more than once is slim and designer baby clothes are not cheap!

4. Baby shoes.

I know that you have been busy in the months approaching the birth of your child, but did you forget to recognise that babies can’t walk? In-fact, if you stare at your their feet for long enough you will literally see them grow. These are completely unnecessary. Yes, they are adorable and YES they even sell the shoes that your partner wears, in miniature size, but please…put them back!

5. Baby Food blender.

Do you own a blender? If yes, remove the baby blender and proceed to the checkout. Your blender will work just as well as the one in the store labelled ‘for your baby’, we promise!


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