3 things you can do before listing your Xbox for sale

Before listing your Xbox for sale read through our tips on some quick things you could do for your own peace of mind.

1. Clear you cache

To do it, just go to the Settings page, highlight any storage device (cache will be cleared on all devices), press Y, select clear and say, “Yes.” How easy was that?

2. Cancel your Xbox live Subscription

Xbox Live Membership
1. Sign in to the Xbox Live website by using your Microsoft account
2. Once you’ve signed in, click My Account
3. Click Subscriptions
4. Locate the subscription for which you want to change your auto-renewing payment status
5. Click Cancel automatic payment
6. Click Continue

3. Erase Your Data

After doing this step, the person who you sell your Xbox 360 to will need to set up their own Xbox Live account and configure everything how they want it.


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