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5 Inspirational cookers for sale

Whether you have a passion for cooking, kitchens or interior design you will understand the importance of a good oven! But the range of cookers for sale these days is so vast you might not know where to even begin. So, with the help of some celebrity cookers, historical hobs and technical toasters here is some inspiration for you.

5) First up on our 5 inspirational cookers for sale list is the remarkable Falcon 1092 Deluxe (in cherry red). This range cooker is sure to make a statement in cherry red but other colours are available. With stainless steel hotplate, large multifunction oven, heavy-duty pan supports and plenty of safety features this oven could be the appliance of your dreams! Pricing at around £4,500 it is far from cheap. But by checking http://loot.com/electrical/cookers-hobs-and-microwaves you might be able to find a bargain!

Cookers for Sale

4) The next in our list is the renowned Aga cooker. Invented in 1922 by the Nobel Prize winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalen, the Aga is a well recognised and classical kitchen accoutrement. As well as being a statement for your home, the Aga is also hugely practical. They are recognised for their longevity and versatility, being capable of most cooking styles and can last for most than 50 years. However, upwards of £3000 the Aga is another expensive cooker.#

Cookers for Sale

3) Widely thought of as the more modern, less expensive Aga, the Rayburn Heatranger is the next cooker for sale on our list. The Rayburn range is not only a cooker but also a heater. This makes it a practical retro addition to your home. As it’s available in a selection of colours you can make it the centerpiece of your kitchen whatever your decor.

Cookers for Sale

2) The penultimate oven on our list of inspirational cookers for sale is an appliance made famous by the BBC’s Great British Bake Off. With it’s fully retractable door and eco circotherm oven, the NEFF B46E74N3GB (not a very catchy title!) is the perfect gadget-lovers cooker. It also benefits from being relatively small, making it ideal for a more compact kitchen. Selling for around £900 it’s significantly cheaper than the previous ranges.

Master Chef Cookers for Sale -

1) The final oven on our list is another colourful example. The Richmond mini range cooker from Stoves  comes in a range of bright, exciting colours. We’ve gone for purple as an example as it works well as a fashion statement as much as it does as an oven. This free-standing cooker is designed with the smaller kitchen in mind. Its relatively small size means you don’t need a mansion to keep it in! Also it’s the cheapest oven in our list at just over £600 new.

Cookers for Sale

If you’re feeling inspired by our selection of ovens but fancy something a bit cheaper, check out http://loot.com/electrical/cookers-hobs-and-microwaves for some second hand bargains!

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