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The cheapest beer in the world is in….



Summer time is holiday time and before you decide on where to go for that well earned break take a look at this list from GoEuro to help you decide.

The team at GoEuro have devised an index that ranks cities around the world by the price of a pint, nifty isn’t it?

A pint of beer in the Polish city will cost you £1.74.

For those of you thinking of an internal break this summer try out Liverpool where a pint will set you back a mere £2.66.

A pint in London will cost you £4.74.

Top 10:

1 Krakow, Poland

2 Kiev, Ukraine

3 Bratislava, Slovakia

4 Malaga, Spain

5 Delhi, India

6 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

7 Mexico City, Mexico

8 Belgrade, Serbia

9 Asuncion, Paraguay

10 Bangkok, Thailand

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