When Is The Best Time To Sell A Car?

sell a carDetermining the best time to sell a vehicle is often linked to when the demand for a vehicle is high. In addition, other factors such as economics, seasonal changes, or the cars’ condition can help you determine when the time is right to sell a vehicle. Understanding, planning, and waiting until certain conditions are met can help you get the optimal selling price for your vehicle. Consider the following guidelines to help you determine the best time to sell a car.

Understand Vehicle Demands

When determining the best time to sell a vehicle, it is important to assess the market demand for the vehicle you want to sell. Certain vehicle models are more popular in one season than in another season. For example, sports cars are considered to be seasonal. Many sports vehicles are convertibles will be driven in warm weather and not cold weather. Also, sport vehicles are harder to drive on snowy roads. On the other hand, trucks and family sedans are in demand throughout the year. The age of a vehicle is also another important consideration. Most people want to purchase newer vehicles rather than older ones.

Warranty Information

Many buyers look to buy a vehicle that has a warranty. A warranty gives buyers a piece of mind that if something happens; it will not cost them an enormous amount to get the vehicle fixed. When a buyer looks at purchasing a car with only a few miles, they want to know that the remaining warranty will transfer. The value of cars with remaining warranty can increase greatly. If you want to get the best price for your vehicle, make plans to sell it before the warranty expires.

Overall Condition

Most car buyers want to purchase a vehicle that looks as new as possible. Cars that do not have dings or dents in the body or fabric damage will bring a higher selling price than cars that have visible damage. Buyers purchase older cars in good condition because they do not want to pay the new car prices. In addition, buyers also look for specialized features in vehicles such as GPS systems or radios. Make sure if the vehicle came with a specialize feature, that you do not take the feature out of the vehicle before you try to sell it.

Pricing the Vehicle

When planning to sell a vehicle, make sure to conduct an Internet search to assess the current value of the car. You should compare listings of other comparable vehicles with similar make, model and year to determine a good average selling price. Make sure to take into account the car’s age, features and condition when determining the selling price. Avoid selling the vehicle based upon your sentimental value of the vehicle, because you will set a high price that buyers will not pay. However, when setting a price make sure that the price allows for the buyer to negotiate with you. Set an asking price $1,500 higher than the actual dollar amount you will take. Doing so will allow you to come down and make the buyer believe he is getting a great deal. If your goal is to sell the car quickly, then you must be willing to negotiate and be willing to sell the vehicle at a lower price than at the average price of the car.

About the Author: Sebastian Webb is a professional automotive writer most interested in the latest technology advances as well as safety improvements.

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