Budget Wedding ideas

According to a report by The Telegraph ‘newlyweds are starting married life in debt as the cost of the average wedding has soared to £18,244’. With this in mind we have put together an article on money-saving on your big day.

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The Telegraph noted the ‘Top 10 Average Wedding Related Costs’ and we have found ways to save on many of these areas with useful budget wedding ideas!

  • Honeymoon £3,582

  • Catering (wedding breakfast, evening food, canapés, drinks) £2,770

  • Venue (church, civil ceremony location, reception) £2,164

  • Rings (wedding and engagement ring) £1,856

  • Wedding dress £1,098

  • Photographer £876

  • Flowers, decorations & cake £728

  • Entertainment (live band, DJ, photo booth) £682

  • Groom and groomsmen’s outfits £674

  • Bridesmaids (shoes, dress, make up, hair, accessories) £586

LOOT suggests making a few small changes, to save £1000s on your ‘BIG day’.

Decorations and lighting

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Make your own tealights from recycled glassware. A great way to get your friends and family involved in the minor preparations for your wedding.


  • Ask your friends to collect glassware from their home or office.
  • Wash the jam jars and glass coffee containers
  • Re-invent them as fun (and inexpensive) tealight holders.

TIP: For a little added sparkle? Try adding glitter to the water (see below).



Opt for a seasonal bloom to keep costs low. . . Ever considered growing your own flowers for your wedding bouquet?   We think that they look sensational.

 Choose hydrangeas or fresh cut English roses (both shown below). In choosing these specific blooms from your own garden will serve as a fantastic reminder of your wedding day for years to come. 

Venue and Catering

If you are opting for a summer wedding why not choose a picnic theme? All in three easy steps:

    1. Bulk buy or ask relatives if you could borrow their old picnic blankets
    2. Make up delicious picnic hampers for your guests
    3. Bask in the English sunshine!

We love the idea of an outdoor wedding if you have invited lots of children to your wedding – it is a great way to enjoy the summer and the day.


Floor-filling needn’t empty your pockets! Entertainment – typically – costs newlyweds a whopping £682.

Reduce that cost to around £100 by allocating some money to download the tunes and a little to rent a great speaker system.

Alternatively – buy some speakers second hand [www.loot.com]

To save money on your wedding DJ ask each guest – prior to the wedding – for a list of three or four songs that they love. Make a wedding compilation on your iPod and hit ‘shuffle’. You will have great songs, that everyone loves, to last the night and years to come!


Delicious peach bellinis

Delicious peach bellinis

Lose the champagne and – instead – opt for cocktails or prosecco! I love the idea of serving wedding bellinis . . .

By choosing Prosecco – as oppose to Champagne – you will immediately save around 60%, but adding a splash of fruit juice could push that saving up to 75%. What’s more – Bellinis are loved by all and hardly anyone will notice that you haven’t used champagne: win, win!

This is, perhaps, my most controversial suggestion…



Hire your dream dress, don’t buy it. This may not please everyone but this suggestion could be the easiest way to save at least £1200 on your wedding day, with nobody else knowing or diminishing from the experience. The average price of a wedding dress is £1200, whilst hiring the very same dress starts at around £150.

Here are reasons to hire:

  • You will never wear the dress again
  • Chances are it will be ‘doing nothing’ forever until – in 30 years time.
  • In 30 years time it will cause arguments if your child tells you she doesn’t want to wear it to her own wedding
  • In 35 years time you will make the heartbreaking decision to take it to the nearest charity shop
  • In 36 years time you will see a local schoolgirl wearing your dress
  • In 36 years time the little hooligan would have cut your beloved dress into pieces for a Halloween party as Corpse Bride.

. . . I’m afraid to say that buying your dream dress could be a huge waste of money.

By following these tips to make small changes we hope we can help you save big sums on the cost of your wedding!

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