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Business Travel Tips – How You Can Save Money!

Business Travel - Off to the airport!If you are running a business that requires you to do a lot of traveling, then you must have realized the amount of money that is burnt in expenses on taxis, accommodation and commuting – not to forget the airfare. So how does one manage these expenses? Here is a quick rundown of some business travel tips that should help you saving more money while traveling.

Smarter Ticket Booking

Are you traveling for the annual sales conference? Isn’t that something whose dates are known well in advance? In that case, book early. Tickets are often available for cheap when you book sufficiently in advance. However, if you are into sales and travel dates are not confirmed until the last minute when you receive an appointment, make use of online services like LastMinute to find airlines that offer last minute discounts to fill up vacant seats on their scheduled flights.

Hotels With Kitchens OR B&B

If you  are a small entrepreneur who cannot afford hotels, check out in bread-and-breakfast places. Homestays and B&Bs are often relatively cheap compared to fully furnished hotel rooms. Also, you get to meet lovely people who own the place and it helps in networking. The next best alternative is to find a hotel that offers an extended kitchen facility. While this comes at a premium, it is a good idea to book one such room, especially when you are here for more than a couple of days. By cooking your own meal, you can often save an extraordinary amount of money that is spent on eating outside.

Use Public Transport Or Negotiate With Car Rentals

If you are likely to do substantial commuting within the city, one of the best ways to do it is to travel by public transport. In a lot of cities with good public transport infrastructure, you have day passes available that provide you with unlimited travel through the day. If the city you are traveling in does not have significant bus infrastructure, then negotiate with a car rental for extended hiring charges.

A lot of big cities including the likes of New York, London and Perth have private chauffeur services that let you hire a private driver to drive you around right from the airport till the time you need to be dropped off. Considering the bulk travel involved, these services are often cheaper than hailing different taxis every time.

These are just simple tips. But when you are a constant traveler, the savings you make add up to substantial savings over the course of the year.

Happy travelling!

Author Bio: Anand is a market outreach consultant for Priority Pickup who offer airport transfers in Perth. He lives with his family in India and travels regularly as part of his job.

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