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What to Consider when Buying a new Garage Door

Buying a new garage door can compliment the rest of your home.In order to ensure your valuables remain safe inside your garage it is essential that adequate security measures are in place to achieve this. As such, if your existing garage door has seen better days or is tired and worn out it is essential it is replaced as soon as possible.

With a wide range of styles designs and sizes available to choose from the task may seem a little daunting at first however the task of choosing the right one is really quite simple.

Choosing the Door Mechanism

Garage doors are available in many forms each with their own pros and cons depending upon a number of factors.

Up & Over Doors – This is the most basic of designs where the door lifts up as a single canopy. Whilst they are cheap and easy to install, they tend to offer low levels of security and tend to be limited to a small range of styles. In addition to this, they tend to be draughty so if the garage is attached to the house can lead to heat being lost at a pretty alarming rate.

Side Hinged Doors – As simple as a door design gets, each panel hinges from the frame (in the same manner as a house door) to provide access inside the building. Whilst they are convenient to the user, the wide swinging ark makes them not suitable for homes with short driveways.

Roller Garage Doors – This form of door offer many advantages over the 2 above door types. Simple to install, they take up very little space inside the garage allowing for additional storage space to be created. In addition to this, they are also extremely secure and feature minimal weak points. The final benefit to this style of door is that they can be manufactured to include thermally efficient insulation that will reduce heat being lost from inside the space. The drawback to them is that as the curtain must roll up, the design element is somewhat limited to a horizontal ribbed profile.

Sectional Garage Doors – A cross between a traditional up & over door and a roller door, this form of physical security solution offers the highest levels of security and thermal efficiency when compared to other styles. Available in a wide range of designs to suit all architectural styles, sectional doors are fast becoming the most popular door being installed at present.

Insulated or Non Insulated

Modern doors can be manufactured to include energy saving insulation that will help reduce the levels of heat escaping from the home. Whilst they do cost more than their non insulated counterparts, the long term savings off energy bills will make them much more appealing when looked at in terms of a long term investment. If this sounds appealing then the 2 most popular styles are either roller or sectional doors.

Type of Material

Modern doors are available in a wide range of materials depending upon the look you are trying to achieve and the amount of maintenance you are prepared to carry out. With materials such as timber, steel, aluminium, GRP and ABS to choose from, there is sure to be a material suitable to meet your requirements.

Level of Security

Garage doors offer various levels of protection depending upon the mechanism chosen. To ensure security remains high, opt for features such as multiple locking points. For the optimum in security,  some types of insulated roller doors are even manufactured that meet police and insurance approval such is the level of security offered.

Manual or Electric

Where the garage is to be used on a regular basis, an electric garage door will be the preferred choice as they offer much more convenience to the user as they can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. Where only occasional access to the space is required, a more sensible option is a manually operated door. Please remember that if opting for an automatic door, it is essential that there are in built safety features that will protect against injury or damage occurring to property.

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