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Top Car Hire choices for a Group Trip

Car HireWith so many different trips the chances are that you will need to hire a car at some point in time, there’s certain things you need to get right when hiring a car such as getting the right car suited to the amount of people that you’re wanting to ferry around, or how luxurious you wants the car to be or even how much boot space does it have if say you’re off hiking or something with a lot of luggage. Something so small such as car hire if you get it wrong can ruin your holiday, so getting it right is a must! Here are some of the cars that come to mind when thinking of group trips

Ford Galaxy Zetec

The ford galaxy would be a decent car to hire for any group trips, with 7 seats and 5 large doors its more than adequate for a decent sized group of people. The galaxy has a fairly smooth drive with no real noticeable issues, its also got comfortable seating due to the arrangements giving you space in the footwells for a bit of movement. There is an in-car radio  as entertainment and a average boot size that would fit a large sized bike.


This 7 seater has 5 average sized doors, however the interior is a beautiful leather making it extremely comfortable. Since its a BMW the drive is also luxurious and smooth, the X5 is regarded by a majority as one of the best 7 seater cars out in todays market, it ticks every box you would need for a hired car trip including a large boot space and  decent in car entertainment.

Land Rover Discovery

If you fancy a bit more of an adventurous trip with a bit of off-roading this car is a great one to hire. This again has 7 seats and 5 doors, Although expensive to hire there a real reason for it, the comfort and drive is incredible and well worth it, the boot space is also massive much like all the space inside the car giving you plenty of room to carry everything and anything, luggage, hiking gear, golf clubs you name it.

Peugeot 5008

Although labeled as a family car its more than adequate for any group to use, its won a host of award for various different things, It has easily fold down-able seats  and many cubby hole pockets to store little things in, the boot space is also average, enough room for most. Its got a very spacious interior making it comfortable and roomy.

If you want to hire a car then the best place to come to is Indigo Car Hire as majority of the time you can’t guarantee a certain model but using a broker they can put in a strong request meaning you get the car you want a large majority of the time.

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