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For this week’s Cars for Under £1000 blog we’ve found an absolute bargain in the form of a Fiat Punto 1.2 litre at just £400 at We also have plenty of other examples to suit any budget. Don’t forget, you can also place your own free ad on the site if you’re looking to sell your used car.

Whether you’re looking for your first car or you just need a cheap, decent hatchback for getting to and from work the Fiat Punto could well be the car you’re looking for. Not only does the Punto fall into the category of “under £1000” this example isn’t even £500! It also has 4 months MOT and is described as being a “good runner”. Puntos, like a lot of Fiats, are famously cheap to run. They’re economical on fuel and Fiat replacement parts don’t tend to be too expensive. This model is especially cheap due to its small engine meaning that insurance won’t cost the Earth.

In terms of design and aesthetics the Punto scores quite highly. Considering the age of this model is actually looks relatively modern. In newer incarnations the Puntos design hasn’t drastically changed. They’ve got a bit bigger and a bit more sleek but generally the essence was already there in 2001. They’re also designed to resist becoming rusty and have a huge scope for modifications if you’re interested in souping up.

However, after the price and the relative good looks the positives of the 2001 Punto tend to thin out a bit. Puntos are notoriously problematic. Whilst the drive is reliable and relatively pleasant a lot of the hardware on the car seems to be cheaply finished. There are a lot of reports of this model having serious problems with the head gasket, with some reviewers mentioning that at Fiat dealerships this issue is treated as “general wear and tear”. They have also been know to suffer with electrical faults, but these are generally inexpensive to fix.

Despite all these problems though, the Punto still manages to be one of the most popular first cars amongst young drivers. This incredible popularity is largely down to the price. You just can’t argue with a bargain! So if your criteria for a new set of wheels is based around price, both to buy and to run, then the Punto is the car under £1000 you’ve been looking for.

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