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This week the car we’ve selected for our Cars For Under £1000 blog is the VW Golf. We’ve got an absolute bargain at Loot this week with a 2002 reg MK4 1.8 GTI for sale for just £800.  There’s also plenty of other cars under £1000 on our site and don’t forget you can use to sell your unwanted, old motor!

This model is the 4th generation of the beloved Volkswagen Golf. In 2014 the latest model, the MK7, was released so the MK4 isn’t the most youthful incarnation of the Golf. But, it is widely argued that the MK4 was the first of the modern incarnations of this car.
VW brought the MK4 out in 1997. However, when it was first released the GTI engine wasn’t much to write home about, it was sluggish and feeble for a turbo and many customers were left disappointed. Luckily, in 2001 the MK4 was treated to an engine overhaul and VW never looked back. Even compared to more modern diesel engines the MK4 1.8T GTI is remarkably responsive. It’s also not too fuel thirsty and, although it’s more expensive to than the petrol version, it isn’t too expensive to insure.
One element that helped with the success of this car is that it’s trademark VW reliability. Golfs can happily rack up miles and will show very little wear and tear. They also feel solid and sturdy when you’re driving them. They’ve been described as the sort of car whose “doors make a satisfying clunk when you shut them” which has lead to this car being granted a kind of cult status among petrolheads. Unfortunately this feeling of solidity comes at a price, with most VW parts being specific to the model and relatively expensive. They also tend to be more expensive than other cars the same age. This isn’t necessarily negative as it means they’ll hold their value for if you sell it in future, but it does mean spending more to start off with.

Overall the Golf MK4 1.8T GTI is a great car. It looks good for it’s age. It’s spacious inside without feeling cumbersome or bulky to drive. It is reliable and safe, so would make a great first car and it also has amazing drive versatility. This is because it feels light and economical enough for city driving whilst also being relaxed, quiet and punchy enough for pleasant motorway driving.

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