Cars for under 1000: This week, Jan 12th – 18th


This week the car we’ve selected for our Car For Under £1000 blog is the Ford Fiesta. We have got a Ford Fiesta Zetec 16V for a bargain at £450 at Along with plenty of other examples. You can also place your own free ad on the site if you’re looking to sell your used car.

2003 aluminium silver ford fiesta-flame 16v Loot

This model is the 6th incarnation of Ford’s ground-breaking super mini. It is still the second most recent version of the Fiesta, beaten only by the current, 7th generation, which came into production in 2008. When it was released in 2002 the 6th generation was received by a fairly divided audience. It didn’t seem quite spacious and “sensible” enough to be a family vehicle, but it seemed a bit too conservative and plain to fit into the playful, fun hatchback market.

However, after you get past the fairly unexciting exterior design you can begin to see a very clever, practical car. The Fiesta benefits from the standard Ford bonuses of being reliable and cheap. Any maintenance and servicing is economical as parts are widely available and inexpensive. It is also relatively cheap to insure and it isn’t too greedy when it comes to fuel consumption. If you do a lot of driving it may be worth investing in the diesel engine as it is even cheaper over long distances than the petrol version.

The one complaint of the external design being a little too “safe” and uninteresting seems to be just about the only issue with this model. It is nice to drive, it handles well in urban environments as well as motorways and small, tricky country roads. It benefits from spritely handling and very good visibility from the cabin. It is also significantly more modern looking than its predecessor, the 5th generation, and the minor functions such as MP3 player and other luxury specifications are also very good for its age.

Overall it’s a great car for under £1000 as it’s well built and safe, nice to drive and it is cheap to maintain.

Find out more about this model here.

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