Christmas Food: How To Tackle It

Christmas FoodChristmas and New Year holidays are approaching, and with them full table good food and sweets, and larger quantities of alcohol. Holiday mood and ancient tradition lead to overeating, which burdens the body with excess energy (calories), and all under the excuse “I will start diet, right after the holidays”.Everybody knows how hard is to resist the Christmas and New Year sweets (which always has in abundance), and that the celebration of a new year usually turns into a long sitting and consuming large quantities of food and alcoholic beverages.

In any case, such overeating or eating too fast creates tension in the digestive system; it disturbs the process of digestion and increases pressure in the stomach. This pressure opens lower muscle of the esophagus, causing a return of stomach acid into the esophagus. Because the holiday overeating is common in the late afternoon or evening, it can cause acids to disrupt sleep, can lead to weight gain or disruption of intestinal motility (constipation / constipation), as well fatty foods and sweets is burdening the digestive system and lead to stomach pain.

And that is not all. After such overeating, follows phase of stodgy, weight and bloating, often accompanied with feelings of lethargy, self-pity, and even depression and feeling of guilt.

To avoid, or at least to alleviate possible problems, read our advice and try to apply at least some of them.

Why you had to overeat?

If you think you need to eat more, then you will do it, and that doesn’t need to your body. Do not overeat just because it is such a tradition. The holidays should be happy days filled with delights and pleasures, so do not let overeating to destroy it.

Less Fat, More Fruit and Veg

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On your Christmas tables add fresh fruit, vegetables (lots of fresh salads) and dishes from whole grains. Limit consumption of fried and fatty foods. During the preparation of meat dishes, do not use extra fat. When baking, pour the meat with water, broth or beer / wine.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Do not miss breakfast on the day of celebration to leave more “space” for later. By eating breakfast, you stimulate bowel motility and thus encourage natural impulse to empty intestinal one hour after eating. Do not skip meals in preparation for the Christmas feast. Excessive hunger often leads to overeating. Before you sit down at the holiday table, eat smaller, non-fat meal

Careful with the Drinks

Careful with alcohol. Your mood depends only on your spirit. Therefore, among two glasses of alcohol, drink a glass of plain or mineral water. Avoid drinks with caffeine, such as coffee and cola. Caffeine irritates the stomach and nervous system, and leads to insomnia and nervousness.

Smaller Plates, More Activities

Use smaller plates. That way, even if you double charge, the total amount of food you eat will be smaller.  Concentrate on family and friends, not food. You do not have to eat and talk at the same time. After the holiday dinner, try to walk or organize a group activity.

Not Hungry? Stay away from the food

Postpone the eating desert. If you wait a bit, your desire for sweet is likely to shrink or disappear. Keep away from food. If you are close to it, the likelihood that you will ever reach for a bite is very big.

Back To Normal

Quick return to normal routine after the holidays. It is necessary to return to the usual diet or to eat lighter foods (fruits, vegetables, water and unsweetened tea) the next day after the holiday dinner. Cut potatoes, rice, bread and pasta. Exercise, or at least walk.

No Guilt

Do not feel guilty. Christmas and New Year holidays are so rare, and you must to enjoy them. Even if you overdo it by eating one evening, promise yourself that you will no longer overeat and switch to lighter food immediately.

Listen to your body. As soon as you feel tension in your stomach, you should stop eating. If you want to skip desert, eat less before it. You certainly do not have to stay hungry, but we should not let the bloated stomach to spoil the mood!

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