Christmas Gifts For Girls: Our Top 5 List

Christmas Gifts For GirlsChristmas time is the season to be jolly, where you can put the stresses of life behind you and you get to celebrate with your friends and family. But, how can you be jolly when there is a million-and-one things’ to do before the big day?

  1. Sort out who is coming over for Christmas
  2. Plan the Christmas menu
  3. Buy the food
  4. Write the Christmas present list
  5. Get the presents
  6. Write the Christmas cards
  7. Wrap the presents
  8. Sort of the tree

And the list goes on…

But for now why not take a little break from the stress and find out the five top toys ever little girl should own by reading this little post. Enjoy!

Christmas Gifts For Girls: Dolls

Whether it is a baby, a Barbie, a Ken or even an action man doll, it should be the unspoken law that every little girl should own a dolly or two when growing up. A doll can provide hours of novelty fun for a little girl as she creates imaginary scenarios for her dolls to recreate. It is also a fantastic opportunity for her to invite her friends round to play together.


A scooter is a fabulous toy in which a little girl can zoom around the park with whilst also being active! If you struggle to encourage your girl to go for long walks then purchasing a scooter is an excellent way to encourage her to join you – She can zoom of in front whilst you play catch up.

Doll House

Doll houses are very different to what they used to be twenty years ago. Now you can buy miniature tree houses, beauty salons, and miniature malls for a host of different dolls. Whether your child likes to play with animal dolls or Barbie dolls, there is a dolls house for everyone.

Teapot Play Set

What girl doesn’t remember owning one of these sets when she was little? It’s a great opportunity for your little girl to have tea parties with her friends, her family or even her toys! Watch as your girl channels being a grown up and the perfect host. These sets are also child friendly as more often than not they are made of plastic so it means no nasty breakages.

Dress Up Set

Let your little girl dress up as princess, a Disney character or a super girl! Dress up time is ideal for your child to feel special, and it also gives her the chance to have a go at a little bit of acting! You can also give “dress up time” as a reward for when she does something good.

Well, there you have it five toys every little girl should own. So if you are looking for a Christmas present for your little girl, niece, cousin or God daughter then hopefully these five toy ideas may inspire you. Remember you were young once too, so go on treat the little one in your life.

About the Author:  Leisha Hankin is a copywriter who finds herself constantly taping away at her keyboard. She often works for Mashed Up scooters who are reliable suppliers of Extreme Scooters. When she is not working you will often find her with her head buried within a book.

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