Top Tips For Your Christmas Table Arrangement

Christmas Table Arrangement IdeasHo-ho-ho! Christmas is coming to town! Roll up your sleeves and get things ready for your Christmas night. Have you decided what decorations to use around the table yet? If not, read this article in which we provide some tips for Christmas table centerpieces.

Add Candles

Good old candles, they are a bit hackneyed but they work in every situation. Not to mention, they add a romantic flavor to the atmosphere. Pick up candles that give out a nice aroma and light them. You may also want to turn off the lights but it is not necessary. Make sure you monitor the candles while they are burning. You surely don’t want to spend the Christmas time putting out the fire caused by unsupervised burning candles.

Candles are a symbol of joy and life. This centerpiece is perfect for almost every occasion that presupposes some kind of intimacy. If you want to add some decoration to them, you may use an old sweater. Cut off part of the sleeves and wrap it around the glass of the candles. It’s not a good idea to wrap it around the candle, otherwise it may set fire to the whole place as we already pointed out.

Another candle centerpiece idea is to use Christmas candles (big red ones). Put the candles in a small vase and add florist’s foam. Place a Christmas wreath around them. Add hypericum berries, they will make the centerpiece colorful. You can put the arrangement in the center of the table.

Make a Pine-Cone Centerpiece

This table decoration is attractive and inexpensive. It takes a few steps to make the arrangement. The materials you need are pine-cones, vase, flower lights, floral wire, electrical tape, hot-glue gun and extension cord. The first step is to take some flower lights and remove the flowers from them. Keep both the lights string and the flowers, you are going to need them later.

Take several large pine-cones and clip the scales from them. Use the hot-glue gun to stick the pine-cone scales to the plastic petals. Make two rings of five; then put the flowers back onto the lights string.

Gather the lights into bundles. Wrap a floral wire around the light wries. Gather all the bundles together and wrap with electrical tape around the ends to secure the arrangement. Put it in a vase. In the end, you should have a bouquet of plastic flowers and pine-cones. Arrange the lights as you desire.

Arrange a Stacked Bowl

You need three bowls, preferably in different sizes (use white bowls). At least one of them should be smaller than the others. Stack the bowls and add different ornaments to them. Use nuts, berries, Christmas balls, fir cuttings and other stuff to fill the bowls. Make them as colorful as possible.

Add Flowers and Fruits

So what if it’s Christmas? You can use fruits and flowers any season and they always look good. Not to mention, in some countries where Christmas holidays are celebrated during summer, you will find a variety of colorful flowers on the market or in your garden. The same applies for fruits. Pick up some flowers and fruits and arrange them on the table. For example, you may use pears. Add some gold cloth to them. You can also use gold and silver embellishments for this purpose. If you want to obtain better results, make sure you use green and red pears. Green and red are just the colors of Christmas.

There are a number of other Christmas table decoration ideas. You can use almost everything. What matters is that you do it willingly and passionately. So what are your table decorations?

Author Bio: Jack Sheamus loves to write on different topics. He works as a professional cleaner at Tidy Cleaning in Maida Vale and has a lot of time to write for his readers.

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