Commuters penalised £8m in charges for ‘not touching off’ with bank cards

Commuters using their bank cards have been penalised £8m for not tapping off when reaching their destination.

Between September and May there was 58 million journeys made using the new technology with 1.38 million classed as ‘incomplete’.

Of the total £8.374m penalised only a third has been reclaimed with over £5.7m sitting in the Tfl coffers.

The discovery was made by Ben Schofield, a communications manager in Southall who told the Evening Standard about his findings.

“I use contactless to visit my mother at Lee where there are no ticket gates, making it easy to forget to touch out.

“If they cannot refund all that money, TfL should give Londoners a say in how it is spent, perhaps towards travel for disabled children – anything rather than leave it sitting in TfL’s coffers.”

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