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Fatigue: Why Are You Always Tired?

Fatigue - Puppy Yawns AwayMany physical and mental activities can cause tiredness.  Staying up all night, sleeping for three to four hours, and getting up early for work? On a day like that you will feel tired, exhausted, nervous, and grumpy. However, in cases such as this one, we know what we did wrong and what caused tiredness and exhaustion. Sometimes our daily activities can be the cause of exhaustion, and sometimes we just do not know the reason. Moreover, these days everything can cause or trigger fatigue.

We have decided to compile the list of the most common fatigue causes you may not be aware of.

Dehydration Decreases The Energy in The Organism

Given that our body is made of 50 to 75 percent of water, dehydration can seriously threaten our body and cause fatigue. When we are dehydrated, many functions and processes in our body are disabled in a certain way. Studies showed that women who did not consume necessary amount of water during the day experienced mood swings and low energy levels. There is a region in our brain that controls body temperature and levels of hydration, and when neurons in that part of the brain (hypothalamus) start sending mood – alerting messages to the rest of the brain, it is an early warning that you need more water, and that you need to drink more water.

What should you do? Drink water, until you satisfy your thirst.

High Or Low Levels Of Iron Can Lead To Fatigue

Anemia is a condition caused by low levels of iron in the body. When iron levels are low, red blood cells are not formed properly, and poorly formed red blood cells lead to oxygen deprivation in the body. On the other hand, too much iron can also have a negative impact on your body – iron can wear you down. You need to remember that iron supplement will not help you solve the iron deficiency. Improper consumption of iron supplement can cause the feeling of cold, and dizziness.

What you need to do? Do not try to solve the problem with iron deficiency on your own. Do some blood tests and consult with your doctor. Moreover, vegetarians and vegans should also be very careful with maintaining iron level through healthy food.

Low Levels of B12 Vitamin Causes Improper Neurons Functioning

As well as iron, we need B12 vitamin to form red blood cells. When we are lacking this vitamin, the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases, leaving us with that mild feeling of sleepiness all the time and constant tiredness throughout the day.

Vitamin B12 is a potential cause of fatigue, especially if you are experiencing restless legs, numbness, and forgetfulness or tingling. It is also important to emphasize that B12 vitamin is found in animal foods, and if you are vegan or vegetarian, lack of this vitamin can be the cause of fatigue.  One can boost the level of B12 with supplements. However, one should consult with doctor before taking any.

Hidden Heart Disease

Studies showed that people who experienced fatigue and had problems with sleeping, also had a hidden heart disease. Another research showed that fatigue and insomnia are the most common symptoms before heart attacks, especially in women. Other symptoms include shortness of breath while exercising or climbing the starts and weariness. When the arteries are blocked, or when heart is weak, the blood flow is reduced, and muscles and tissues cannot get the oxygen they need to function.

What should you do? In case you experience these symptoms, go see a doctor.

A Urinary Tract Infection

The study showed that people, especially those older than 40 and of female population, experience tiredness and fatigue when diagnosed with urinary tract infection. The tiredness comes as an impulse from the body – in order to fight the infection the body is forcing you to rest and regain the energy.

See the doctor, and consult about this and other symptoms of urinary infection.

Lack Of or Too Much Exercise

Spending too much time in front of your computer, in the office, or in a car is bad for your body in general. Lack of physical activities cause insomnia as well. On the other hand, too much exercising can push your body beyond limits and you will experience physical stress.

Studies showed that women who started exercising 75 minutes per week reported less fatigue and more energy. If you are not working out, start exercising, but do not exaggerate. Yoga, or a short walk in the morning or at evening is a good start. Do not jump into those modern gyms, you will have muscle inflammation. Any kind of physical activity will help you decrease fatigue and help you sleep better.

If you are, on the other hand, exercising regularly, but feeling tired easily and frequently, it means you need to take a break – just take a rest for a few days.  You can start exercising again, but take it easy with your routine, and try cutting 25 percent of your usual activity. In time increase your activity until you are back to full training.


Stress is the most common cause of fatigue. Chronic stress neutralizes the levels of stress hormone cortisol. Once hormone is out of its natural rhythm, the cortisol levels are no longer high in the morning and decreased at night. When our body is under constant alert, cortisol level will not fall off at night, and adrenaline level will fall behind cortisol production, leaving you sleepy in the morning.

Finding a source of stress is not easy, but it is not impossible to decrease the daily stress.  Try meditating and relaxing with music or in natural surroundings, until you find enough strength to fight the stress cause.


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