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How to Increase Exposure of Your Classified Adverts

Cat Browsing the Web for Classified AdvertsThere are hundreds of classified websites you could post on, so what are the chances of your advert being seen amongst a sea of others? Making your advert unique and featuring original content will increase your Google rankings and get you a better response by making your ad stand out from the rest. Placing an advert with top quality content and clever use of original content will stand out from hundreds of others. Make sure you are following the key steps below to increase exposure when posting advertisements online:

Make Your Advert Unique

Keep your advert title snappy and to the point. Make it original to catch the eye but also make sure you are clear about what you are selling. Study other ads in the category selling similar products and make yours as different as possible. Perhaps add features that another person has forgotten or change the style of writing in your advert to those of others.

Use a Good Quality Photograph

Your chances of a response from prospective buyers will more than double if you choose to add a quality advert to your advert. You can place up to 15 photos if you place an advert on and BargainPages.

Be Descriptive

Ensure you make your advert a good length to include all important information about the product you are selling. Try to think of questions a prospective buyer would want to know about your product and provide answers in your description. Adding to that, you should make yourself approachable. Create a happy, friendly or even humorous manner within your advert text. This will help engage the audience and make the prospective buyers chose your ads over all the others. But..

Don’t Over Stuff Your Adverts with Keywords

Repetitive use of the same keywords will not increase the chances of people finding your advert. In fact, quite the opposite. Organic search engines will not display content that isn’t of good quality so your advert for a puppy which includes the word ‘German Shepherd’ ten times is unlikely to be displayed.

Post Your Ad in The Right Category

Avoid having you advert swamped by others by making sure you post it in the correct category. For example, your advert for photographic services will not be easily found amongst a hundred adverts for second hand cameras. Find all the categories you can advertise on Loot here.

Invite Prospective Buyers To Contact You

Always be willing to honestly answer questions about what you are selling or the services your business offers. This is your chance to really sell your product or service and list all the features and benefits for the interested party.

You should also make sure you are being honest about the condition of the item. Misleading information wastes everyone’s time including your own. If you are posting your advert on more than one classified website make sure you create unique content for each and do not just copy and paste the same text.

Don’t Place The Same Advert More Than Once

Google and other search engines hate duplicated content. They will read your advert as spam and will not present it at the top of their rankings. Repeating content also brings down your reputation as a seller. People will be reluctant to engage with you or take you seriously. One advert with quality and unique content will bring you better traffic and business than hundreds of adverts with the same or similar content. Take the time to create something original.

Promote Your Ad on Social Media Platforms

Promoting your advert via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ will most likely increase the reach and influence of your advertisement. For business it will increase your brand’s awareness and help engage different audiences.

Good Advert Vs Bad Advert

Take a look at this example of the many ads you see on classified websites:

‘German Shepherd puppy for sale, 12 weeks old, ready now. German Shepherd puppy for sale, vaccinated and insured, KC reg, pedigree German Shepherd, comes with puppy pack, ready now, £700.’ 

This is typically a bad ad. The title is too long, the keywords are repeated, there isn’t enough information and there is no offer of help for more. There’s also no image for potential buyers to see.

Now take a look at this advert:

Look at this gorgeous puppy!

German Shepherd Dog - Classified Advert‘German Shepherd pup for sale. This cute little fella will be a fantastic addition to any home. He is friendly and playful, good with kids and is 12 weeks old and growing fast! He will need lots of love and attention, a firm hand and a loving owner. If you like the sound of this puppy, why not read up on how great these dogs are as pets. Feel free to contact me for further information on this fantastic breed. I’m happy to email over more photos and let you know of all the extras this fantastic puppy comes with. Parents can be seen. The pups are at the age where they are ready to leave their mum for a new home. Call or email for more info now. All questions welcome. We’re based in the South West London area. Asking price is £700.’

This is a good ad. Why? It’s friendly and informative, the sellers location is stated, the person selling sounds responsible and willing to help further. This is an excellent example of a good quality ad with a picture that will stand out from the others and have people contacting you without hesitation.

If you are unsure about how to place an ad online or in our printed publications, please call our customer service number and one of our excellent staff members will guide you through the steps or place the advert for you.


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