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CV Tips for Graduates

CV Tips for Graduates - Get your dream job!So you have recently passed out of university, ready to face the big bad world, and make a name for yourself.  The first task cut out for you is to draft a resume that will make your candidature stand out amongst all applications.  Here are some tips for the same.

Creating your first CV post-university is a daunting task indeed. There is no experience that you can entice the employer with, and your qualifications are very similar to the rest of your peer group who all are pining for the same job.  With competition breathing down your neck from all sides, is there something that you can do to make your application stand out of the crowd?

List your objective clearly

While some experts might advice against including an objective in the CV as the obvious objective is to get a job, for students-would-be-professionals it is helpful to add an unambiguous objective to the CV to make it stand out. Written out creatively, the objective should tell the employer about your professional ambitions and how they are in line with the company’s requirement. However, if you are still unsure about your career goals, or are trying to figure which industry would suit your aspirations, it is wise to leave the objective out of the scope of the CV. If you are applying for a specific role, include an objective that matches the job description.

Use The Right Keywords

With big companies receiving thousands of applications for the job vacancies, to ease out their task these companies are now using automated tools such as keyword-searchable database that scans CV for keywords specific to the job vacancies and filters out relevant CVs. To know what keywords to put inside the resume, have a hard look at the job posting and the required skills sections. Some job listing sites have a separate section of keywords which makes your work even easier.

List the educational details

Include all the relevant educational details in the CV in a chronologically descending order. Starting from the most recent, i.e your graduation year and grade/classification till your high school, list all the important milestones of your education path. Whether it is the University of Chester or Nottingham Trent University, your college’s name should be highlighted on the very front.  If you managed to achieve some honours or outstanding grades, it is apt to highlight the same in the CV. Besides, if you have undertaken some training program in your summer holidays or have done a course that relates directly to the job that you are applying to it would be wise to include them under the education section only.

List Your Professional Goals

To have a more serious impact on the employer include a bulleted list of some specific goals that you want to achieve as a professional. These goals shouldn’t be too far-fetched and yet should make a statement that you are serious about your career. Project yourself as the perfect fit for the role you are applying and how you can prove a worthwhile investment for the company in the long-term.

Listing Extra Curricular Activities

You might be the star of your university, participating in all creative and sport events happening round the year. However, not every of those events are of interest to your prospective employer and therefore including all of them won’t add any value to your CV. On the other hand, being a member of a reputed club or achieving laurels in curricular activities is also a reflection of your ability and responsibility. The trick is to know which activities will have the right kind of impact on the job that you are applying for.

Listing Internships and Menial Jobs, If Any

There are plenty of opportunities for candidates to pursue internships with companies for a stipulated period of time. If you happen to have pursued one of such opportunities, now would be the best time to utilize the same as a valid work experience. However, make sure that the nature of internship matches with the job that you are applying for.

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About the Author – Saurabh Tyagi is an expert writer having interest in diverse topics like education, technology, career and Web 2.0 and currently writes for Shiksha. He is also a social media enthusiast and a self-confessed gadget-freak, who loves to follow the latest happenings in the tech world.

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