7 Quick and Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home And Garden For Christmas

How to decorate your home and garden this ChristmasFather Christmas will soon be heading for our chimneys and with that we can expect bigger bellies and smaller bank accounts. As the holidays are fast approaching, now is a good time to get your decorations sorted and checked off that ‘to do’ list.


Turning your house into a grotto of seasonal cheer can go from a fun bonding session with the kids to a nightmare of tinsel before you can say “Ho ho ho”. Get your stuff together early so you can see what you have and what you need to get. Last minute decoration shopping can be expensive and you run the risk of being left with the unwanted scraps that no one wants. Try to keep your decorations neat so you won’t be spending hours untangling fairy lights or fixing broken arms back on to Father Christmas ornaments.


Save your cash for the presents and make your own decorations. As easy as it is to get caught up in the season’s ‘spend now, think later,’ mentality, your bank balance will appreciate any costs you cut. Making decorations is simple and a great way to do something creative with your loved ones so get everyone together and make a day of it. Try using some paper cups and white card to make paper angels or place wrapping paper in photo frames for festive pictures. Making your own Christmas cards can also be a great way to save some cash and have fun too.

Use Your Food Wisely

You don’t have to rush out and buy the same, generic ribbons and ornaments every year. Why not try using seasonal foods such as clementines, candy and nuts to make centre pieces for your tables or decorations for your window sills. Place them in clear glass jars or fancy cocktails glasses for a simplistic, modern look. Use wicker baskets and add some holly for a more traditional style.

Keep it Simple

Not all Christmas decorations need to be flashing, singing or covered in glitter. Stick some candles in empty, clean wine bottles to create a warm and festive atmosphere. Fill clear vases with water, add some food colouring and floating candles for a cool water feature. Tie ribbons around candy canes and display on your Christmas tree, hang on tinsel or in glasses for cute features.

Show off Your Cards

Don’t underestimate the power of displaying your cards around your house. Placing your cards on the mantle, on side tables and hanging on the walls creates a quick Christmas vibe with minimal effort. When the holidays are over, save them and use them next year as gift tags by cutting them up and tying with gold or silver string.

Spray it

Buy a can of gold, silver or white spray paint! This is the quickest way to turn objects such as pine cones, Christmas trees and branches into magical winter wonderland features. It’s also a great way to make your garden look snowy if the weather doesn’t provide the real stuff.

Use Plants

Making wreaths for your front door, or filling vases with branches and red berries can add that extra touch to your Christmas decoration. Place Mistletoe and Holly around your home to add some tradition to your decor. For your garden, fill some plant pots with Ivy and Holly bushes and add some tinsel or Christmas tree decorations for an extra merry feel. When decorating your house and garden it’s cool to be unique and put a modern twist on traditional features. But if there’s one rule you must follow it has to be to have a Christmas tree. Suggesting you make your own would be a bad idea so buy one and get in there quick before the best ones go.

Do you know any quick and easy ways to get your house looking festive? Share your thoughts below.

About the author: Natalya is a keen writer with a passion for Christmas, interior decorating and giving advice. She particularly enjoys blogging about creative and innovative activities.

Image by Joe Buckingham
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