10 Ways To Decorate A Rented Property

Decorate your rented apartment or house. Stuck with bad décor in the flat you rent, or just magnolia walls and flat-pack furniture? LOOT have some cheap and easy ways to decorate the flat you rent that will not cost you your deposit.

Living room 52f191610dbd6ed3_8393-w660-h439-b0-p0--eclectic-living-room

Have you lived with a monstrously patterned sofa before? Have you inherited a bulky arm chair or another unsightly item of furniture? To decorate a room does not mean painting a wall. Adding something as simple as a throw can cover up the ugly sofa slouching in your living room. What’s more, scatter cushions will make the sofa comfier and more inviting for you and your house-guests.


Add a large rug in your living room to make the space feel look and feel more like ‘home’, without costing the earth. It is also a great way to save your deposit: protecting the carpets and keeping them in unused condition – allowing you to relax with a glass of red in the living room.

Fill your space. You are renting an whole property… You are no longer living out of your suitcase: prove it.  Empty display shelve make a rented property feel even more temporary. TO DO: Fill the space with books, vases, photos and ornaments – anything you can get your hands on.


Replace your bed linen. It is a great option if you want to inject colour and pattern into a room. The best news? If you decorate your room in this way you will not jeopardise your deposit.


Typically, rented properties come with uncovered light bulbs or plain lampshades. Decorate your bedroom with statement lighting, or just a lampshade that you love.

A large mirror will give the illusion of space – this is a great idea to extend the look of a small bedroom.

Revamp you furniture

If you own the furniture in your rented property you have the perfect opportunity to add some personality to your rooms.

7-Fab-HeadboardIf you do not own your furniture then you may have to live with what you have. Fear not, some things can be modified – such as a fabric headboard.


– Cover your unsightly headboard in fabric that you love

– Secure with tape or pins at the back of the headboard.

*This will not damage the headboard, but it will successfully cover the ugly pattern.


Kitchen Blind Replace window treatments: 

Rented properties often come with outdated, drab curtains . . .

The easiest way to decorate your windows is to take these down, clean them and store them safely (so that you can return them to their rightful place when you vacate the property).

Instead, opt for fresh and fun window treatments – curtains or a blinds.


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