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Decorate Your Home in Style Using Plants!

plant decorationsNo matter which indoor plant you bring in, they all do a great job to add natural beauty and freshness to your home, even if you don’t add an actual plant, a print on canvas will also work well. Although flowers look absolutely gorgeous they just can’t work as well as houseplants to add some greenery. Since you are bringing in plants it’s important to do some research on what type to bring in to suit your decor, you might as well decorate in style, and here are some ideas:

Camouflage Using Plants

The best thing about plants is that they can be placed anywhere, from leaning against walls to tables, stools, along a couch, in the kitchen or the bathroom, just anywhere! Thus if you have anything you need to hide just place a beautiful pot in front. Pots can be placed under a sink that does not have a vanity to hide away ugly pipes or they can cover up ugly marks on a wall or a cut on a table etc.

Display Under A Glass Table

Glass tables are a must have for a contemporary decor and they are known for giving the illusion for a space to appear large then it is. Rugs look great if placed under these tables but plant would look even better, adding freshness to your home. Small pots can be arranged in groups of 3, 4, 6 or any number as geometry is very satisfying to see, to complete the look images on canvas prints can be grouped on a nearby wall in the same number to create a match.

Create Visual Flow

Visual flow is a necessary element for each and every room’s decor so the eye does not wander or stick to one place but it rather moves or flows comfortably around the room. Plants can be used to cover up any empty spaces such as corners where you have nothing else to place or fill any odd blanks between your decors etc. When height is needed for visual flow tall plants can always be used to draw the eye upwards while attraction on a plain table can be caused by the use of uncommon varieties of plants.

Make Your Home Inviting

Plants have an aura of comfort around them and thus they can be used to attractively lure in guests to your home. It’s advisable to place pots in your porch as well as the entrance to create a soothing feeling that no guest can resist. Similarly guest bedrooms or your own room can be more comforting with the addition of a plant pot. Spruce up your green paradise with the help of our Home and Garden section.

About The Author: Author is a botanical and home decor expert thus all his articles are based on increasing the beauty of homes using plants as well as green photos to canvas and prints on canvas.

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