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London Save Money: Easter Money Saving Tips With Children

Easter is a great time to spend with the children, but you are not alone in thinking that the Easter holidays are notoriously long! We have some Easter money saving tips, because sometimes we need some suggestions of things to do as a family on a budget!

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Get Crafty

Making your Easter garland

Making your Easter garland

Whether baking goodies or gripping the glue sticks… children LOVE crafts. Rekindle your love with PVA glue as part of our Easter money saving tips. Still in need of inspiration? Relax.

i) Paint hard boiled eggs with easter prints… think easter bunnies, easter chicks, spotted eggs.

ii) Take a trip to your local DIY Superstore and raid the paint swatches. Each swatch can make two easter egg shapes, carefully supervise your child cutting out the easter shapes and make an Easter Garland from them!


How about a spot of tennis? Inspire the love of a new sport, during your child’s Easter Holidays! UK charity ‘Tennis For Free’ will be providing free tennis coaching for children (over the age of five) across the UK.

Think you may have the next Andy Murray on your hands? This activity may be just for you:



Make the most of easter deals to save money on a trip to the cinema with your family. Many cinemas run family mornings, boasting cheaper tickets for your children. In particular, there are a number of offers with products for Vue cinema.

Interested? Read on for more details…

*The deals are not limited to just small children, with various offers for teenagers, too.

Car Boot Sales

Why not make some money this easter by listing items online at or, locally, at a car boot sale? Sound daunting? We thought that you would say that, so we have broken it down into easy steps:

Get your children involved in sorting through their old toys - to sell and earn some pocket money!

Involve children in sorting through their old toys – to sell and earn some pocket money

1. Spend the afternoon sorting through the children’s bedrooms. By getting the children involved they will be excited to get rid of some of their old items that they no longer use.

2. Sort into bags:

  i) good quality items for LOOT.COM

  ii) well-used items for your car-boot sale

  iii) beyond repair? I’m afraid – you are destined for the dustbin.

3. List your ads online

4. Book your place at your local car-boot and get selling!

Kew Gardens

If you are lucky enough to live near Richmond, SW London, why not take full advantage of Kew’s botanical gardens? Famous for its historic glasshouse, precious trees and beautiful woods, there’s no doubt about it: Kew Gardens will keep you and the children entertained for the day – no doubt!

Visit Kew Gardens, Richmond, this Easter with your family!

Visit Kew Gardens, Richmond, this Easter with your family!

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