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Electronic Cigarette Safety: Should You Be Concerned?

Electronic CigarettesAs more and more countries are working toward restricting tobacco intake by its people, taxes on tobacco have increased and more smokers are now switching to electronic cigarettes. Even though the industry is rapidly growing, there are some challenges about the safety of the product. As we know, there is always two sides to a story and for this story, some health officials are against the opinion that e-cigarettes are a better and safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.


They say that there is evidence which shows that e-cigarettes contain a toxic ingredient that is present in tobacco cigarettes and causes harm to the body. The other side of the story says that e-cigs are the best available alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Yet, health officials claim that smokers should be aware of the safety that electronic cigarettes provide before using them. For this reason, many major e-cig companies advise its customers that there are mixed kinds of e-cigs available on the market and hence they should be highly assured of the quality of the brand of e-cigs that they are using.

Recently, there were some reports of low quality e-cigarettes exploding in the mouth and causing severe burns to consumers. After investigation of these explosions, it was found that inferior batteries were the reason why e-cigarettes were exploding.


Batteries are a very important component of an e-cigarette and are an essential indicator of the quality of the e-cig. Good e-cig manufacturers and suppliers pay close attention to quality and credibility. When these e-cig manufacturers purchase their raw material batteries, they should make sure those are of high quality and the company itself should have strict quality check, control and management systems in place. Only then will the finished product have a guaranteed quality and consumers will be rest assured of the safety and security of e-cigs manufactured by those particular companies.

Small e-cig companies who are just looking to make some quick money use low quality batteries and result in a short life cycle of the product as well as poor product experience and consumer injuries in some cases.

Be Cautious When Choosing Your E-Cigarette

Consumers should be reminded that while purchasing or deciding which e-cig to purchase, they should not pay attention only to the brand but also to the e-cigarette manufacturer’s qualifications. While in this process, they should read reviews and do some research in finding out which qualifications are the best and which brand is the best.

Research shows that electronic cigarettes are a growing business today with big brands earning big bucks. The industry is predicted to grow rapidly in the coming years. The retails sales of e-cigs have seen almost a 100% increase as compared to previous years. Market analysts predict that at this growth rate, e-cigs will soon become a tough competition for the tobacco cigarettes market.

The internet has several helpful websites with reviews on best branded e-cigarettes. Consumers should look around and choose the brand that is performing best in terms of vapour, price, safety, convenience and other such features.

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