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Flats for Rent in London – What can the same money get you in the rest of the country?

Everyone knows London is expensive, at times it feels like you may as well walk around giving ten pound notes away every ten minutes, it feels that expensive. But just how expensive are flats for rent in London compared to the rest of the country?

In this post we’re going to show you some examples of what you can get for your money renting in London and what you can get for the same money in the rest of the country.

Some of these rents will make you gasp, but just how much of a nightmare is London renting?

£150pm in Sheffield: a small room in a house

renting Sheffield

A single bedroom in a three bed house is pretty good for £150 a month really.

£150pm in London: You’re their cleaner too

london renting

This is technically £40 a month, but you’re not going to be able to join a gym in London for £150, let alone rent a room. This room also comes with 5 hours a day of cleaning work, is this a good deal? No not really, it’s like a return to the Victorian era.

£200pm in Wakefield:  This MASSIVE old school

london school for rent

For just £180 a month you can rent this former school staff room and its MASSIVE. You haven’t got internet access but look at the potential!

£200pm in London: A Bunk Bed in Edgware


Not only is this a bunk bed, its a bunk bed in a mixed sex 8 bed dormitory in Edgware. As this is a five bed house, that means you’re likely to be sharing with 40 people in total. This seems like a scary prospect.

£400pm in Scunthorpe: A pretty great one-bedroom flat


In Scunthorpe you can have a recently redecorated one bedroom flat, it looks perfectly liveable and very nice. In London, well, this is what you could get…

£400pm in London: A creepy ex-nursing home in Dartford


Technically this is Kent, so not really London. The idea of living in an ex-care home seems horrible too.

£500pm in Penrhiwceiber: A Decent Sized Three-bedroom house


You can rent this entire house out and still have change, guess what? London’s not such a great deal…

£500pm in London: A Single Bed in a Small Room in Stratford


£600pm in Leeds: Gets You A Lovely Two-bed Flat


This has two large bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.

£600pm in London: Share someone’s BED!


Unbelievably this advertiser says his rent is too expensive and wants to share his bed. Yes his bed. How weird!

£900pm in Bolton: A massive family home with FIVE bedrooms


Three reception rooms, a massive garden and enough room for a whole family. Amazing.

£900pm in London: A Single Bed in Marylebone


This makes us sad, its got no living room and a tiny tiny kitchen. If this luxury seems like too much space for you, there is also a box room available for the same price.

£1000pm in Inverness: Practically a Mansion


Look at that house, look at the lake view! The garden is massive and the house is secluded. Guess what the same money gets you in London?

£1000pm in London: A single bed in Kings Cross!


This one does actually come with an en-suite bathroom, but you share the kitchen with four people. Its in a great location and looks pretty nice. But £1000 a month for a single bed?!

London really is a scary place to rent!!!!

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