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The Benefits of Fruit in Your Diet

Include fruit in your diet by adding some colour to your cerealMost people take fruits and vegetables for granted – “Yes, they are useful and must be included in our menu, but we can also do without them.” Parents should also be more careful with their attitude towards fruits, because children usually form their nutrition and overall diet according to their parents’ actions. So, every person, who really cares about their health should know that the greater amount of fruits they eat, the healthier they will be, because fruits are a great way of bringing some important vitamins and other nutrients in their diet. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the favour of fruits and eat less than they actually need.

Remember that fruits may have a beneficial effect on your health, because they give you energy, they improve the work of your cardio-vascular system and are even proved to be also efficient against cancer.

General guidelines

  • Try to implement fruit eating in your diet.
  • Put a large bowl of fruits on your kitchen table in order to see it all day long.
  • The refrigerator is also an appropriate place for keeping fruits for a long period of time.
  • Stick to buying some seasonal fruits, because they are most delicious and healthy during this period.
  • Choose the fruits you eat according to the nutrients and fibres included in them. You can either eat them fresh or make a juice of them.
  • Choose fruits that contain potassium – bananas, plums, dried peaches and apricots, melon, etc.
  • A good idea is to add some bananas or peaches in your cereal. Blueberries are also extremely healthy. Fresh orange or grapefruit juice is also very beneficial to your body. Pineapple may be added to different salads, as well as some other fruits such as tangerines, oranges and grapes.
  • Fresh fruits are a great light snack in the middle of the day. Make a large fruit salad with pieces of pineapple and melon, as well as some strawberries and grapes. Dried fruits are also appropriate for snacks during the day, and the best part is that they are easy to store.
  • Give a good example to your children and make the experience as pleasant as possible. Remember that fruits and vegetables implemented in your everyday menu are the key to a more healthy lifestyle.
  • Be open to trying new and exotic fruits. Choose fruits instead of any sweets or chocolate.

Here are some of the most useful fruits that you may include in your diet:


Apples are an epitome of healthy eating for centuries. They contain some active anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-allergic agents. In addition, apples are also rich of flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radical, they make you look younger and improve your health by preventing the risk of cancer.


Avocado is proved to be indispensable when it comes to heart diseases. These fruits make the human heart stronger and healthier.  It also reduces the risk of developing a heart disease. Avocado contains monounsaturated fats, which lower cholesterol; potassium, which regulates blood pressure and other useful substances that are needed to strengthen the heart and prevent breast and prostate cancer.


They improve the work of your heart, lower the levels of cholesterol in your blood and reduce the levels of insulin in the blood allowing your body to get more energy. It is also proved that grapefruit is able to restore the damaged DNA in the cells and thus prevents the development of some forms of cancer.


Strawberries are rich of antioxidants that fight the general ageing of the body. They are also rich of vitamin C, which, as you all know, increases the body’s resistance to various diseases and infections.

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