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Restore and Re-Invent your Garden Furniture

Breakfast-sceneRestoring your Garden Furniture: Metal garden furniture is functional, sturdy, and always in style. Unfortunately, the elements usually take their toll on outdoor furniture and maintenance is necessary to restore it. Thankfully restoring metal garden furniture is simple. LOOT is an excellent source of high-quality new and used metal garden furniture, as well as wooden garden furniture.


Cleaning Metal Garden Furniture

Clean the furniture completely using water and a mild acid like vinegar or lemon juice on aluminium removes light stains. Water and a mild detergent should be enough for iron, but the key is to allow it to dry completely after washing.

Don’t add new paint over old paint as this causes bubbling, chipping, and unevenness in the new paint. Old paint needs to be removed completely before repainting with sandpaper, power washers or paint strippers.

Bright metal garden furniture Removing Rust from Metal Garden Furniture

Sanding offers the only way to deal with rust and aluminium corrosion. Ornate furniture pieces require steel wool to get into the ‘nooks and crannies’.

Painting Metal Garden Furniture

Before painting, wiping down all surfaces removes dust and grit from sanding. A primer for metal surfaces adds an extra layer of protection against rust and helps the paint bind to the surface of the metal. The primer should dry completely before painting with an aerosol for use on metal. Users should apply two or three even coats for the best finish. After the paint dries, applying car wax adds shine and protects the paint. The table below shows the necessary materials for every step of the restoration.


Restoring Wooden Garden Furniture

Does your garden furniture look weathered, dull and grey? Transforming your garden furniture, for all your family and friends to enjoy, is actually simple and cheap to do. LOOT know how to help you save money and learn to love the things you already have, again.

Restoring wooden furniture

1. Clean the dirt from your wooden garden furniture. For this, we would recommend using a stiff bristle brush with a firm grip.

2. To bring back your wooden garden furniture to its former glory liberally apply your chosen garden furniture restorer using a paintbrush.

3. Use a mild abrasive scouring pad to work the restorer into the surface of the wooden furniture. Leave to stand for around 15 minutes before proceeding…

4. Wash off the remaining solution with some warm water and then leave it alone to dry. When this is dry you may sand away any remaining fibres – this will do a great job to bring out the ‘natural sheen’ of your wooden garden furniture.

5. Protect your wooden furniture with some ‘Invisible Matte Protection’. This will keep your garden furniture ‘looking like new’ regardless of the damaging effects of sunlight and rain – for up to three more years!

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