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Why You Need a Garden Office

Garden Office IdeaTrending all over the country now, garden offices don’t just reduce your daily commute to work to a walk down the garden. They can offer a complete alternative to working from home, often a huge intrusion on your personal life, or a refreshing change from regular workplaces. The idea of a secluded space for work, right where you live, at a fraction of the possible construction costs of a home office is inviting enough. Especially since most office pods are completely customizable, and will be built exactly to your requirements. There is no denying however that they are an investment, and you should be perfectly satisfied with the benefits one would bring to your work-life.

Stay Focused at Home

Someone completely office-bound would usually be willing to do anything to work from home. This testifies to the fact that most modern office environments are hardly conducive to maximum productivity, and convenience. If you are able to take your work home with you, you are a part of a growing, rejoicing population of the UK’s stay-at-home workers. But neither is your home free from a host of distractions, and potential conflicts with your work. Put rather bluntly, your home is where you consciously and unconsciously live in-charge of your-self, your time and your priorities. Forcing a break in that pattern will usually involve some grating and discomfort all around, while you are discovering all the while just how much distraction you can tolerate before giving up on the work for the day. Working in a dedicated office room rarely makes it a dedicated office, a fact that will be very quickly apparent if you have a few kids.


Cost effectiveness is on the brochure for any type of garden office, and with good reason. Travelling to work for most people amounts to several hundreds of pounds per year. Time is also saved to some extent, however much travel you’ll reduce by switching. A unique benefit to such structures is saving on heating costs in cold weather. An insulated garden office is much easier to warm than an office extension or room in your home.

Other Amenities

Garden office pods are easily fully furnished and can be fitted with all necessarily amenities. Wi-Fi and broadband internet connections are easy to set up inside and electrical connections to your home are even easier to make. Many people raise concern about the stability of a garden office’s structure, but they are build with safety and durability in mind, and are designed to be able to withstand all weather conditions. In addition, because they are minor structures, garden offices do not usually require special permits, to be built.

Separating home-life from your work schedule can take time, especially since you will have the luxury of checking your emails or finishing your projects at any time of the day, when working from home. An office at home but still requiring you to leave it is perfect, and provides an effective divider between or ‘office-hours’ and home-time.

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