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Cycling in Summer : Just Get On Your Bike!

Make the most of the fair weather, this spring. Dig out your bike and leave the car at home. Not only will you save the money, usually spent on fuel and parking fees, but you may even find it quicker and – most shocking of all – you may even enjoy it!

Did you know . . . ?


Happy cyclists in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Although 67% of all trips in the UK are under five miles, only 2 per cent of them are made by bicycle. This is considerably lower than other parts of the world. In Copenhagen, for example, a HUGE 26% of trips are cycled.

A link between riding your bicycle and staying happy has been suggested. Staying with Copenhagen, as our example, the UN World Happiness Record (2013) has named Copenhagen the happiest city in the whole world.

Female cyclists, or not . . .

British charity Sustrans promote sustainable transport and have conducted their own research on cycling. Their results reveal that only 4% of women actually cycled more than once per week. Moreover, a staggering 8 in 10 women never actually cycled, even though 43% of women had access to a bike of their own.

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Cycling can still be chic – as shown

So… What is stopping you?

Safety is, perhaps, the most obvious of the concerns listed – by women – as reasons to leave the bike at home and quite rightly so! However the reasons appear to be slightly less practical and slightly more visual, Sustrans continue:

We work in schools with children, we see a massive drop off in girls cycling as they move onto secondary school.  One of their key concern is how they look, and how boys will perceive them if they arrive at school sweaty and dishevelled after cycling.

Who remembers being a tween and making the heart-wrenching decision between packing the pencil-case or hairbrush? Decision-making, as a tween, is self-conscious and apparently cycling isn’t cool?!?!

CUE: Vanessa Hudgens – tween sensation and bike rider*

*If she wore her helmet she would be reaching new heights of hipster cycling cool, in our opinion.

And, from one cool lady who cycles to another . . . A glamorous Sustrans employee shows us exactly how to look good when cycling:

Being able to look good on my bike was and still is important to me, and I think I’ve nailed it!  SOURCE:

Angela Spiteri, who works at SUSTRANS and – in our opinion – looks fabulous with her bike, says that it helps to choose a bike that you love:

pick something that really suits your personality or the look you want to go for.

Which bike would suit you?

  • Channelling your urban cool whilst cycling: why not look for a slick racing style bike?
  • Do you love to go to the gym and spend most of your time outdoors? In that case a sporty mountain bike would be right up your street.
  • Polka-dot summer dresses are more your thing? Then we would suggest cycling with a more traditional vintage style.

Whatever your style, whatever your budget LOOT has more than enough bikes for you to browse:

Aim to make cycling a part of your daily routine this summer, be confident riding your bike and you will not only look great, but you will also feel great (and maybe even a little fitter!)

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