Glamping: Enjoy the glamorous alternative to camping



  • A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities that are ever-so slightly more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Glamping is likely to satisfy any city dweller seeking a little refuge in nature—without needing to compromise on any of life’s little luxuries that we know and love.

Memo to self: Bring plenty of toilet paper

Memo to self: Bring plenty of toilet paper


The term glamorous camping (glamping) arrived on our shores in 2008. Glamping appears alongside words such as ‘festival chic’ ‘wedge wellies’ and ‘staycations’. There was a time when many families would not ordinarily touch camping with a ten foot tent pole, but those – too – are now keen for some of the outdoor action. And rightly so, we say.

The list of celebrity glampers is endless, including Tom Cruise, Kate Moss, Sir Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams and even Helen Mirren. Jamie Oliver even fitted his VW Camper with a Porsche engine. So, what exactly do they all love about glamping?

What is the attraction?

Would you pack a floral duvet cover set for your glamping trip?

Would you pack a floral duvet cover set for your glamping trip?

Cost: Glamping is cheaper than holidaying abroad

Greener: Cutting miles from your footprint, glamping is an eco-friendly alternative

For you: A truly tailor-made holiday. Pre-plan your menu, purchase and make the food you want. Glamping is a great option for picky eaters!

What glampers pack:

If you are new to camping, as well as glamping, you may need some advice on what to pack for your glamorous camping trip.

– A cool-box and ice packs will keep your food fresh on your glamping trip.

Clothing: Think layers. You are not limited to ‘suitcase weight allowances’. There is nothing worse than being cold and having wet clothes that you must wear all weekend.

Toilet roll. With this you will rule the world of the camp-site. There is never enough toilet paper when camping traditionally: FACT.

Hair accessories: Beachy, bohemian hair looks great on Day One, but by Day Three it isn’t quite so chic and – for that day – you will be glad to have packed the hairbands.

Face wipes. There is absolutely no need to neglect your skincare regime simply because you are not sleeping in a brick building.

Smores: Singing ‘ging-gang-gooly’ is out, but the smores can stay. Heat up your marshmallows on skewers, over the fire, and reach for the chocolate biscuits to make your smore sandwich: Camping never tasted so good.

Sheepskin rugs: For luxury beneath your toes why not bring along a sheepskin rug. You will appreciate stepping onto this in the morning in your tent, or sitting on it whilst snuggling with the children before bed: a versatile glamping item!

Glamping may be a stark contrast to the frostbitten camping trips of our parents, but what it has done – in this economic climate – is make a “staycation” an attractive possibility. And that certainly can’t be a bad thing, now, can it.

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