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Blonde to Brunette: Mistakes to Avoid

BlondeAre you looking to make changes to your hair color?  If yes, here are five common hair color mistakes you must avoid.

Not Consulting a Professional

When you want to make drastic changes in hair color, you should preferably head to a hair salon. If you are planning to bring down your hair color, or hype up it by any more than two shades, you should get professional help. You should never try to make drastic changes without consulting your hair stylist. This is very important, since extensive changes may require rapid changes in hair care, as well. Only your stylist can get the changes done to perfection in one or two sittings, suggest right routine and appropriate hair care products for your hair.

Embrace a Shade Close to Your Shade

When going from blonde to brunette, you need to consider choosing a hue that’s linked to your original hue. For example, caramel brown or even dark chocolate, since they highlight your skin and eyebrows. If you go with colors that are mild like ash, then it might make you look simple or dull. Many just color their hair to brown and end up having bright orange or pink hues, due to the reaction these artificial colors have with your natural hair pigment. You are probably changing your hair to grab attention for an important occasion, so why not do it right? Even if you have dyed your hair blonde and want to switch to brunette, you will still need professional help to determine how to go about the procedure. Your hair stylist would be the right person to suggest a suitable hair color and style.

Do Not Expect Uniform Color Tone

Consult with your hair stylist, who would advise on what you can expect from the coloring process. Just because the hair color box features a model with uniform looking hair, you should not be expecting a similar result. Besides, when you are changing your hair color to an entirely different hue, you might need to have a few sittings before the change in color is complete.

Blonde to Brunette Hair - Mistakes to AvoidChoosing the Wrong Season

Do you know changing hair color drastically during wrong seasons can leave you with a bad hair day? When you choose to sport a brunette look during peak summer, the weather and chemicals in the water or hair color might react and leave you with a funny looking hairdo! You don’t want that, do you? Before making any hair color changes, head to hair salon for professional advice.

Using the Wrong Products

You probably used a few hair care products for years, but when you make changes to your hair color, you must also change your closet! You need the right hair care products to ensure the color does not react or fade away or wreak havoc on your hair. Consulting a hair stylist in this regard, will ensure you use the right products that will suit your new hairdo. Keep an eye out on the Loot Health and Beauty section for available stylists, hair styling equipment and more.

Article was provided by Studio 11 Hair Salon.

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