“Android is Hipster” Quick, list your iPhone for sale before you get found out!  

At a recent UK tech event on virtual reality, the speaker, unnamed to protect his identity against anyone in vintage clothing or sporting an “edgy” haircut, described those who use Android mobile phones as “more Hipster” because iPhone’s are not cool.

Hipster iPhone for sale











If this revelation is true, then it is time to cash in on your iPhone before it does any more damage to your credibility!

This is a helpful guide to listing your iPhone for sale.

Recycle your iPhone into a tree

We don’t even know if this is possible but it would be the “cool” thing to do wouldn’t it? A couple of websites out there will recycle your iPhone; http://www.mobilephonerecycling.co.uk/ and http://www.envirofone.com. Both will give you some cash in return, which you can then spend on expensive coffees to restore any damage this phone has done to your public profile.

For an iPhone 4 you can get about £80, an iPhone 5 £120 and your iPhone 6 £360.

Auction it

If you don’t have access to a good auction house (don’t we all?), then put your iPhone for sale on an online auction site like ebay.co.uk.  A quick scan and you can see the iPhone 4 models selling on average for £75 – £125 and iPhone 5 models range from £100-200.

iPhone 6 models are selling for over £500! Hopefully it comes with a warning about the potentially long lasting and irreversible damage this purchase could do to ones image.

Trade it

Unfortunately the mobile communication giants suffer from large pockets and small hands. Vodafone or EE will give you about £60 for an iPhone 4, £95-100 for an iPhone 5 and £329 for an iPhone 6.


People listing on loot.com must be bang on trend because we have seen an iPhone 6 going for sale for just £300. That said iPhone 5 models tend to range from £200-300 and iPhone 4 models can be on sale for £100-200.

Our analysis confirms an iPhone can only be considered “cool” if it’s not the latest model on the market. See diagram below:

Hipster iPhone Graph


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