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How To Build A Patio Deck In Your Backyard

Everyday you see homeowners take their backyard for granted. For some people, having a decently done up yard seems like extra luggage and too tough to manage. Take it from those that live in the concrete jungles of Tokyo or Hong Kong where apartments go up to $1200 (approx. £788.07) per square foot. The idea of a garden is a myth. It’s a luxury even for those earning over USD 1M per annum. If you’re upper-middle class living in Hong Kong, chances are your backyard would look like the image above right.

There’s definitely going to be a decent investment involved and you’re talking about an investment that probably will never justify its costs when or if you sell the place. It does however bring value if you’re ever looking to release the property, especially in a slower market. Let’s not forget all the good times it’ll come with!

It’s not just about trimming the hedges and blowing the leaves. Sure, the yard will be nice & neat, but if you did buy a house that came with the yard, it’s really your domain. Give it the attention it deserves. Aspiring to do up your yard shouldn’t be just a chore to you. It’s your escape; it’s your other home, your other living room, and your outdoor kitchen. It’s a whole lot of empty space.

Now we talked about all that empty space that needs filling, its important that you have in your patio what you feel are the necessities. You need to think of the space as a bunch of potential activities you can indulge in and fill it up with reasons to go out and enjoy it. Let’s build that patio!

Flooring & Roofing

Patio Deck IdeaThis is the first thing you’d look to do. This would create a more comfortable space allowing you to spend more time outdoor. When inviting guests over, you’d want to be able to provide a great place to entertain. Not to mention a place to hang just in case the weather gets wet. Depending on your wants, needs, style or budget, there are a few options you could consider here.

The most common are either concrete or wooden decks. Bear in mind anything raised is going to costs more and wooden decks are usually raised above ground. They look great and are warm in feel. Though you’re looking to pay quite a sum for good wood and definitely in maintenance too. If you’re on a budget, laying concrete on the ground would be a much more feasible option.

Most companies in Australia that offer patio solutions also offer roofing solutions. Be sure to get a roof that suits your needs. It’s going to be your first line of defense against bad weather.


How To Build A Patio Deck - BBQ

What’s a backyard without the grill? What? no outdoor burgers, chops or skewers? For simplicity and easy handling, its wise to go with a gas set over charcoal. Gas works with a turn of the knob. A decent gas Weber BBQ set will costs about $500 (£328.69). Weber’s are quality and they’re about as good as it gets. If you’re looking to support Aussie products, Beefeater is another brand you’ll want to consider. Both are on the expensive side but you’re going to find your work cut out for you. After setting the budget for your BBQ set, take into account that you have to purchase a decent BBQ item set like your spatulas to go with it. Great tools make better food. How about a cold one to go with that?

The Entertainment

How To Build A Patio Deck - Outdoor Deck

Next up, an entertainment unit. I know not many of you are keen to test your indoor television sets against the weather. For those that have that extra to splurge, Melbourne-based Herma Technologies recently partnered up with Korean firm iizel to come up with a range of HD TV screens ranging from 32-47 inches. The price ranges between $4599-$8199 (approx. £3023.27 – £5384.51) . Not exactly price friendly. There are mounts and additional speakers available but those are a separate cost. If you’re on a different budget, look in the market for a decent second hand TV and you could probably get a 40” Samsung off Ebay for $400 (roughly £262.69).

If you’ve just bought a new TV for the living room and you’re okay to put the durability of your now old indoor TV to the test, why not? There are plenty of other precautions to safeguarding the welfare of your TV. It’s way better if the climate you’re in doesn’t suffer from extreme weather, heat or cold. Other factors such as how well insulated your TV is which can be sustained with some decent cabinetry.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you but if you do use an indoor TV, you might want to get yourself ready to test that warranty cause indoor sets aren’t exactly built to be weatherproof not to mention from dirt and insects. Once you have a TV up, there’s so many ways to add on from that. Playstation? Nintendo Wii? Blu-Ray Player? Foxtel? Take your pick.

Now that you have your nicely roofed patio that you can have a BBQ in while watching footy, you’d probably want to add the last few touches to create a home-style feel. Some decent patio furniture and plotted plants, your place could look like this. How about being that awesome host for your guests or just having that little escape by making that small trip to your yard?

Time to get started! Start by taking a look at our Garden section.

About The Author: Jason Smith works for Australian Outdoor Living, a outdoor home improvement business in Australia helping home owners extend their outdoor living areas. Super passionate about exterior design of homes and sustainable living.

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