How To Dance At Your Christmas Party

Christmas Party -Don't make a fool of yourselfDreading the office Christmas party already? Still getting funny looks after last year’s shenanigans? Well like it or loathe it, the party season is just around the corner, and it you don’t want to be seen as the office dunce sat in the corner all night, there’s only one thing to do – get involved!

But copious amounts of alcohol and over enthusiastic – not to mention complicated – dance moves can be a dangerous concoction, meaning there’s more chance of you going down in a heap rather than going down in folk-law. So what should you do? To be honest it’s more a case of what you shouldn’t do. Here are five dance moves to miss this festive season if you want to avoid a long stint in A and E


Attempt air guitar

As well as making yourself look extremely dated (Remember Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure?) going for it on the faux Fender can lead to untold trouble. Throwing yourself off steps, going back-to-back with the boss and, of course, the running slide are all bound to ensure instant embarrassment, as well as increasing your chances of needing a double knee replacement.

Try the Moonwalk

Even the greatest dancers struggle with this one – and the combination of poor coordination and a beer soaked, sticky dance floor mean that a pulled hamstring is about the best outcome of any attempts to replicate the Michael Jackson classic.

Break Dance

Thinking that you can do a back flip or even the more manageable “worm” at 2am could be the single most stupid idea you’ve ever had. Not only do you run the risk of losing all of your change, wallet and phone (meaning an embarrassing grope on the floor as others dance around you), but you could easily bring-about weeks of pain and suffering to go along with your bruised ego.

Go for the lift

The problem with dance shows such as Strictly Come Dancing being so popular is that everyone fancies themselves as a bit of a professional. But next time a track from Dirty Dancing or Fame is played it’s recommended that you don’t attempt to hurl the closest reveller to you high into the air. It’s one thing inflicting pain and misery on yourself, but doing it to someone else is a different matter – especially if you have to work with that person.


You can’t deny it; the 360 or spin as it is better known is probably the coolest thing you can do on the dance floor. But if not executed right you will only succeed in making yourself look the prize fool that everyone already thinks you are.

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