Five Ways to Get Rid Of Pet Hair at Home

Get rid of that pesky pet hair!You love your pet dearly. In fact, you’re almost inseparable. The only thing that’s coming between you and your relationship is the amount of hair/fur that’s left around the house. It’s on your clothes, your furniture and the carpets – it’s everywhere! So how do you tackle the issue? We have a few tips that can help you get rid of the hair that’s trying to take over your home.

Packing Tape

Want an easy way to get those stray hairs from staying on your clothing? Get yourself some tape. Rip off a piece that’s long enough to wrap around your hand and turn it on its sticky side. Wrap the tape around your hand and gently dab it against the hairy area of your outfit. Remember it’s the sticky side that should be facing outwards – you don’t want to stick your fingers together. Do not use duct tape as it may leave residue on your clothes. You don’t want another cleaning job to do.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves may seem like an odd choice but they can do wonders on furniture and clothing. Here’s how:

  • Put a small amount of water on the gloves and begin wiping off the fur in downward strokes.
  • Keep your strokes to one direction to reduce the risk of any hair spreading.

We advise you to purchase a separate pair for tackling hairs and not to use rubber gloves that have been around the household unless you plan to discard of them.

Lint Rollers

You could invest in a few lint rollers to get rid of some of the excess hair, dust and of course, lint. The sticky adhesive paper on an easy grip handle can be used on car seats, furniture and clothing. The sticky adhesive, that on average comes 5 metres in length, stays intact as long as you remember to wrap the remaining paper properly to avoid it drying up. Prices for lint rollers start from as little as £2 from your local Wilkinson store or online and can be purchased individually or in packs.

Microfibre Mitts and Gloves

Microfibre gloves are said to work better than lint rollers when it comes to picking up hairs and not run a risk of transferring it to a clean area. The microfibre twists on the mitt or glove are specially formulated to pick up dust or dirt and can also work on hairs. Wash the mitt or glove thoroughly after use and hang to dry to reuse on a later date. Maplin are currently selling them for only 50p online.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a hoover specifically designed to get rid of pet hair. When all else fails you can always get your trust dust busting friend out! Use the smaller nozzle (usually found with your hoover accessory kit) to target corners and small gaps in between chairs.

If you find that these methods don’t work on their own, why not combine them? For instance you could try the rubber glove method along with using the lint roller to maximise hair removal.

You could also finger comb you furry friend too while grooming to reduce hair spreading all over the place. Find something to help get rid of the pet hair around the home by looking at our pet accessories section.

Are there any tips that we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comment box.

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