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Garden Improvements to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Improve your garden design and create extra spaceWhen looking to make home improvement, the majority of homeowners automatically look to the inside of their property. Items like a new kitchen, bathroom or sofa are generally top of the list. However, in order to maximise your lifestyle when spending time at home, it is essential that the garden is well planned out and features items such as furniture, sitting areas and privacy are all catered for. Consider some of the following as a way of improving your garden’s usability:

Seating Areas

Ensuring there is a nice comfortable outdoor seating area will go a long way toward encouraging you to spend time out in the garden during the summer months. With patio furniture available in such a vast range of designs suitable for all budgets, there is sure to be the right seating solution to meet your requirements.


In order to make that bright or sunny terrace a more pleasant place to sit and relax, the addition of a retractable sun awning will prove ideal. When required a sun awning works by opening up to form a large covered area that provides relief from the heat and shelter from the rain. Available in a wide selection of styles and fabrics, once fitted your garden will become the envy of the neighbourhood on a hot day.

Alternatively, for a more intimate feel, the addition of a patio pergola over the seating area will form a shaded area that creates the perfect location for outdoor meals and entertaining friends and family.


The addition of some height to your garden will create a more visually pleasing design statement. In addition to the obvious natural structure such as trees and shrubs, try adding items such as garden arches, timber walkways and wooden arbours. The added height will look great and will also serve as a great place to train climbing plants to grow up.


Nothing is worse than been overlooked by your neighbours or passers-by. You want to be free from prying eyes when spending time outdoors. By ensuring adequate garden fencing is present at a height of around 6ft, you can benefit from much more privacy. In addition to this, having proper fencing in place will also reduce the chances of criminals and trespassers from entering your property.


Whilst a garden fence is great for protecting the majority of the boundary of your home, there is still the driveway and pedestrian access points to consider. As such, high quality wooden or metal driveway gates should be fitted to protect the cars entry point. For other pedestrian access points, to ensure the best levels of security you need to opt for a gate that can be locked easily. Whilst the majority of single metal gates can be locked not all wooden gates will feature this benefit as standard so if you are considering fitting one be sure to check prior to making a purchase to avoid any disappointment.

In conclusion, there are many garden additions that will benefit your lifestyle when spending time at home so be sure to take factors such as the size of the garden, the look you are trying to achieve and the money you have available before setting your heart on a particular item.

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About the Author: This article has been written by Dan on behalf of Garden Gates Direct, a leading supplier of quality gates and fencing suitable for residential applications.

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