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Working From Home: How to Organise Your Office

working from homeMore and more people are working from home every day because it is convenient, cost effective and allows them to always be in the home for other responsibilities such as parenting. Although this is a great idea, you must first get things organized for your work to be efficient as well as satisfying. Here are some great tips to get your home office space ready for work.

Get the Right Furniture

How effective can you really be if your desk is also the dinner table and the area where kids do their homework every evening? The key to getting your office organized is some office furniture. You need a desk, computer and other work materials set up specifically for work use. This will alleviate distractions and other things that will slow you down.

A Quiet Office

If your home is like mine, it is hard to find a quiet place to do anything, unless you’re lucky and already own a single-family home with lots of rooms like this one.  If you are working from home, this is a crucial step to having a satisfying home work environment. Designate an area of your home to be the office. This means no kids, no television and no distractions. If you follow this tip, you will get much more work done on a daily basis.

Don’t Get Overrun By Cables and Wires

Today, there are a million electronic gadgets that require cords and wires. Some of the most common ones are computers, printers, monitors, scanners and even telephones. Because each item has its own cord, you can see pretty quickly that you could have more cords than you know what to do with in your office. This can also get in the way of productivity because they can take over your office. You must organize them in a manner that they will not interfere with moving around in the office. Try to put them before your electronics so they do not get in the way.

Rid Your Office of All Things Unnecessary

This means trash, documents to be shredded and anything else that takes up space. If your desk has drawers, many things may be filed away but if you do not, you cannot clutter your office. An organization cannot exist if things do not have a place. If your office has materials that are not being used, get them out! They are in the way of some great productivity.

Purchase Organizing Tools

This does not mean you need to go out and spend a fortune this stuff, but you need some basics. File cabinets, office caddies, bins and shelving are some great items to purchase to get your office organized. If everything has a place, you will not get disorganized.

Get A Calendar

You need to buy a calendar or daily planner so that you can keep all your tasks in order. Notes jotted on sticky pads and stuck all over the room are not good organizationally. Buy a book where you can put all your appointments and deadlines so you know what you are doing and when you are doing it.

A File System

Take a little time to make a file system. It can be a few stackable shelves or a drawer separated by tabs. Either way, label these files so that you can easily store your work. “Completed”, “work in process” or “proofreading needed” are some great labels if you are constructing documents. Whatever your field of work, by constructing a file system, you will know exactly where you are with each project.

Coordinate Your Office

Because your office is in your home, you want it to fit in with the decor of your home. Make sure you set it up in a way that it will not be an eyesore. You will not want to work in an area like that.

Make It Storable

If you do not have a lot of room in the home and do not want to keep your office set up all the time. Try buying a desk on rollers so it can be stored away. They also have portable models that fold down and store away easily.


Decorate your office with motivational posters or pictures of your family. These types of media will keep you focused because you remember why you are working.

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