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How To Prepare For Your Job Interview

Preparing for a Job InterviewJob hunting is part of every university graduate’s agenda, and for many of these graduates, there will be several times they will look for a job before finding the right one. Part of the job hunting process is the interviews that you will have to do.

If you want to nail your interview so you can in a company, especially in the Central Business District (CBD), you would be delighted to know that with preparation, you can surely be able to impress your interviewers and hopefully get offered for the job position.

Preparation is a big part of the interview process. You will probably spend more time getting ready for it than the actual interview itself.   Going to a job interview can be stressful but the best way to fight it is to come prepared. Here are some tips:


Study the job description and do your research on the job you are applying for. Job postings have a list of responsibilities and required qualifications. Make sure you can assert those qualities on the interview and let them know you know and are confident to take on the job. Know why you want to work for the company. Research and be familiar with their projects, clients and vision. This will help you answer their questions based on the core values their company focuses on.

Dress Appropriately

If you are applying in a corporate industry, you need to look smart and sharp. Plan your outfit in advance. You don’t really have to buy expensive clothes. Check the internet or browse magazines to get some ideas. You can look for clothes in your closet and just mix and match those pieces. Black and blue are mostly considered formal in a corporate setting. Also, it is always a plus when a person has a clean hairstyle and nice smell. In fact, these should be expected already. A tip: Don’t spray too much strong perfume. You will never know if your interviewer has an aversion to strong scents.

Ask Questions

Usually, applicants who ask more about the job they are applying for get plus points from their interviewers. This is because it communicates their curiosity and willingness to know more about the job and the company.

Arrive Early

A good rule of thumb is to come to your interview at least an hour before your appointment. This will give you enough time to calm your nerves, prepare yourself and maybe even ask around for some tips.

Preparation can only get you halfway to your interview. It will be your confidence that will carry you through it. Have a positive mindset that you have something incredible to offer to your interviewer and they will undoubtedly see it. Believe in yourself!

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About the author: Jeric is a Filipino guest blogger, lives and work in Makati. He’s also a freelance writer and love to share knowledge and information through blogging.

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