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How To Wear Animal Print

How to wear animal printIf you want to add some sexy to your wardrobe then you should definitely have some animal prints. There are some people that think animal prints are out of style but that’s far from the truth. Animal print fabrics will always be a way for women to express themselves in a unique way. If you are ready to start wearing print and unleash your wild side check out these 6 tips.

Wear Black

Wearing black with your animal print is always a good idea since it is a neutral color that will help make your prints pop. For example, if you wore an all black skirt and then had a patent zebra print belt on top of the dress it will bring more attention to your waist.

Don’t Over Do It

It is easy to get caught up with the animal print and start over doing it. It’s never a good idea to match your animal print from head to toe. The idea is to have some balance with contrasting colors and patterns.

So always choose one print fabric and then keep everything else as subtle as possible. Wear a monochrome outfit with a leopard print scarf around your neck and a pair of leopard print shoes to bring the whole outfit together nicely.

Try to always stick with one print per outfit. It’s never a good idea to mix more than one print like a leopard print with a zebra print.

Avoid Wearing Print in Certain Areas

There are some areas you just don’t want to draw any attention to. So make sure you don’t wear animal print in these problem areas because print fabrics will always highlight whatever area you have them on.

If you have a specific problem area you don’t want to get any attention choose to wear just a hint of animal print like in the lining of a jacket or inside your purse. A quick glimpse of a zebra print can help you show off your bold fashion style in a subtle way.


There are no rules when it comes to fashion, and animal prints are definitely no exceptions. Always try to experiment with various materials, colors, and textures. Look at animal prints as a neutral and play around with accessories and tops. If you have a pair of animal print pants in a different and unusual color don’t be afraid to try it out.

Wearing Leopard Prints

These are perhaps the most popular prints you can find in stores. Always try to wear dark colors like brown or black with your leopard prints because they have dark brown or black middles. If you want to highlight the center of the spots then you should wear black. Wearing black will always highlight the spots.

Wearing Zebra Prints

Zebra stripes are the other prints that are very popular in stores. Most women love zebra print because the mesmerizing effects of the stripes can make it tough for anyone to notice your figure if you’re not in the best shape.

You can accessorize the basic black and white zebra print fairly easily. Just wear a black or white pair of shoes or a purse that’s black or white to compliment your zebra print. If you want to appear taller always go with zebra print that have the stripes going vertically below your waist.

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