How To Write A Letter To Santa: The Secrets

writing a letter to santaChristmas is coming, friends! And it’s high time to write a letter to Santa Claus! Yes, it is not an essay or dissertation writing of course, but if you want Mr. Claus like your piece of writing and bring you some good presents, you better read and follow these small tips and tricks to attract his attention and have a holiday mood for a long time.

Do you remember yourself being a kid? What mood and feelings did you have while writing your letters to Santa? Did you use any special words? Or maybe you drew some cute pictures for Santa to make him smile? Or, what is even worse, you never wrote letters to Santa?! It’s your chance to start doing this! So, before writing a letter to Santa this year, make sure you’ve answered the following questions:

Do You Have a Christmas Mood For Writing?

Santa Claus will definitely feel the mood your letter had been written with. So, if you want it be really special, write your letter with a good mood only. Turn Christmas music on, listen to your favourite songs, and think of something really kind, warm, and pleasant.

So, what about the music? Some songs can easily turn your Christmas mood on: Frank Sinatra, Abba, George Michael for example. Listen to Andy Williams’ “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, and start writing a letter to Santa with a smile on your face.

Are You Polite To Santa?

Santa likes polite people. Always say “Thank you”, even if you think that you do not have anything to thank for yet. “Please” is also a very good word to use in your letter.

Do You Flatter Santa Claus?

Mr. Claus should know how much you want to see him in your house, and how much you wait for him. Say it in your letter, and mention the fact you’ll definitely leave some cookies and milk for him.

What Do You Mention in Your Letter Except Your Wishes?

Santa is always so busy with his presents, as he has so many of them. It will not be very easy for him to pick up one present for you, so, you should give him some ideas on that. Moreover, you can always advise him what a present would better fit your kid, friend, spouse, sibling etc.

Do You Remember About All Small Details?

Yes, Santa Claus knows everyone and everything. But it does not mean, that you should not greet him in your letter or mention your name there. Introduce yourself, ask Santa about his health and mood, tell him how good you were this year (but still let him a right to decide whether you actually were). All these small nuances will tell Santa much about you, and he will definitely like your letter.

Do not forget to send your letter to the North Pole, using a stamp and an envelope. By the way, modern technologies let you send letters to Santa Claus online today, but… Where is your Christmas spirit? We believe, that it is much better to write a letter by hand. How do you think?

Merry Christmas!

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