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It’s over, we’ve seen who will win the Labour leadership race

Ever since the General Election the Labour Party have gone into a spiral of craziness with some commentators forecasting that they are at a crucial time of their history.

The upcoming Leadership election has had a wide spectrum of attention with front runner Jeremy Corbyn going up against Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall to see who will be the next leader.

The contest has been very unpredictable but as the vote draws nearer the further Corbyn rises in the polls.

Two cute dogs however have taken it upon themselves to predict the result of the contest and it’s looking they agree with the polls and think Corbyn will do it.

Nuala the Dachshund and Douglas the Jack Russell were presented with four pictures of the candidates beside some dog food.

How cute!


H/T Scotsman

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