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Job Interviews: How To Keep Your Calm

Interview In ProgressLet’s face it: degrees and diplomas seem frivolous when it comes to the case scenario of presenting oneself with an interview in order to impress potential recruiters and secure a sustainable job! What with oh so much nervousness (or worse yet – the fear that you may just end up waffling in due course of a discussion!) making you cringe at just a few mere thoughts, it’s high-time you took the initiative to improve for the better and stand apart from your fellow candidates.

Following henceforth, the guide below aims to help you achieve just that. Good luck!

Enhancing The Overall Appearance of Your Achievements

Regardless of the fact that you may possess experience or not in terms of interviews, it is absolutely vital to do your fair share of homework in relation to what you may probably have to expect whilst face-to-face with your prospective employers, and even otherwise. Let’s begin with the latter:

Your CV: Make sure that the layout of all data which pertains to your academic/official portfolios has been done so appropriately and chronologically. Since different career paths require different formats for documentation, feel free to conduct a search over Google to derive a few templates that may deem relevant enough for your specialization. Else, you could also resort to a professional writer to get this accurately done for you.

Your questions and answers: While some questions may be common for candidates in particular fields, it may not be the same for another. Hence, Google can help you once again over here – both with questions and answers. The accompaniment of a friend or family member to carry out some trial-and-error is simply ideal to perfect the art of elaborating key points comprehensively enough.

The Art of Donning

Needless to say, the mantra of ‘looking good and feeling good’ is universally acknowledged by one and all. Likewise, make sure that you don’t compromise with your ensemble; it could just make all the difference between impressing and intimidating!

Men: Crisply ironed and stain-free shirts are indispensable, along with formal trousers. While a tie could be optional in some cases, polished shoes are mandatory. Unless you’re inclined towards the fashion industry, striking hairstyles such as upright Mohawks and spikes should be avoided.

Women: While crease-free clothing is just as important for women, a careful selection of blouses and bottoms should be carried out in order to evoke a formal feel. While short-haired ladies can style as usual, their longer-haired counterparts could do with an elegant ‘do. If possible, resort to a pair of heels as well – it’ll create a slender silhouette, fine posture and desirable stride.

Communicative Strategies

What you say isn’t just going to matter, but how you say it is going to too!

In verbal terms: You need to have a calm voice, no doubt! Practice deep breathing and take a few gulps of water to keep your throat clear and free of irritation.

In non-verbal terms: The obligation to listen intently and the attribute to talk sincerely is all that is required – no rocket science!

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About the author: Ruby Branch is both a journalist and a novelist who has a passion for new technology. At present she is interesting and writing about Subsea Jobs.

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