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Find Your Dream Career or Job

job-searchYou may feel that you a little too old to ask yourself ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’, but that does not necessarily mean that you are happy with your current job or career choice… LOOT have compiled a guide to finding your dream job by asking yourself a few questions.

1. If Money Was No Option…

Philosopher Alan Watts coined the idea ‘if money were no option’. Do you find this concept a little difficult? Hmm, imagine that you won the lottery – so you would buy a house and travel for the first 6 months, but what then? Could you see yourself working with animals at a local animal shelter or walking your dog? Do you love flowers and could you see yourself going to the flower market and arranging beautiful floral displays? Would you take up photography or just sit on Facebook and Youtube all day long? It may seem like a completely irrelevant task but you are picturing yourself truly happy, immaterial of money. You are also seeking yourself actually doing a JOB. Each of those mentioned [above] are jobs and each are within your reach.

sy_productpg_retail2. What matters?

How you dream of spending your time is a great indicator of what you value. You will be great at this too. For example: do you get a buzz from a challenge – such as hitting targets and exceeding them? Do you like to work in a team? Do you get satisfaction from helping people and making their day better? Considering these can really help you pick what job would make you happy.

3. Factor in your finances.

Unless you are one of the privileged few, you will be working to pay for your lifestyle. You may have commitments such as a home, rent, children,a car or phone contract to pay for. These are your financial obligations and need to be considered when looking for a new job – If your dream career can’t feed your family or pay your loans, you might need to look into other options.



4. Look at the jobs list.

Do a basic job-search for open positions. What are the basic requirements for the role you hoped you would be good at? You want to make it your goal to meet and possibly exceed the  requirements to stand a good chance. We would advise that you reflect this in your CV. Recruiters do not want to wade through your CV for the golden parts. Flag-up your love for pleasing people for that job in Customer Service right at the very start!


5. Super-size your CV

Did you find that you did not have the skills required for your dream job. Don’t worry, there are often plenty of ways to gain experience in your desired industry. Beginning by volunteering in your industry is probably the best way to gain some ‘work experience’. Your skill-set will be developed and your CV will make you look as capable to succeed in you dream job as you are. You will have landed your dream job in no time at all!



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