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Job Seeking Across Sectors: Understanding the UK Economy

The job market in the UK can be extremely tough regardless of your education and previous experience. Opportunities are out there but often they are tucked away and the “digging” process to uncover a hidden gem can seem like somewhat of a hard slog.

With this in mind, you need to know that the market you choose to go in to will provide a secure environment to utilise your current skills and learn new ones. This means that people are starting to look not just at the company offering a position, but also the wider sector that the company falls under.

This will give a potential candidate somewhat of a safety net; if the sector is prospering it stands to reason that the company should also be enjoying a stable period that can sustain itself and grow successfully.

This infographic (found below) has been created to highlight the flourishing service sector and the contrasting construction market to give jobseekers an insight into the areas that are keeping the UK economy afloat and those that are causing issues when it comes to moving the economy forward.

Saving the UK Economy - Infographic

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About The Author: Sophie works alongside TSR select, a company that specialises in finding IT sales jobs and technical roles for established and prestigious companies across the UK.

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