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1995 BMW 3 Series – 5 Door Estate

bmw 3 series touring for sale

This week the car we’ve selected for our Car For Under £1000 blog this week is the BMW 3 Series Estate. We’ve got a 1995 3 Series for a bargain at just £950 at Along with plenty of other examples to suit any budget. You can also place your own free ad on the site if you’re looking to sell your used car.

If you want an interesting, reliable car for under £1000 then the BMW 3 series could be for you. Our example is the 5 dr estate version. Because of its size it would make an ideal family car, or perfect for people who need a great deal of boot space. The age of this car may put some people off, but as is expected of a lot of German cars, the 3 series is well built and dependable. Plenty of examples have been known to run on far past 250,000 miles.

The first thing that might attract someone to the 3 Series is the status it receives. It is a popular car and is undoubtedly eye-catching. Despite the age of the 3 Series it is still a very good looking car. It is remarkably modern and luxurious as well. These BMWs have a reputation for being powerful and athletic cars but still with all the size benefits of an estate. They are fantastic fun to drive and handle well with hills and round corners.

One issue with this model is that, whilst it is a bargain to purchase, maintenance costs are very high. Also the reliability can be jeopardised by neglect, so if you don’t look after this car properly it will not last. Unfortunately this means that there are high running costs and if something goes wrong there will undoubtedly be a large bill at the end of it. The large engine also isn’t particularly fuel efficient, even by the standards of its age.

Overall the BMW 3 series is a great, fun car that can last a lifetime, but the potential costs of maintaining it might outway the positives (depending on your budget). However, if your criteria revolves more around an interesting car that can transport big items and is very reliable then this could be your perfect car for under £1000.

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