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1991 honda for sale

For our Car For Under £1000 blog this week we’ve selected something a bit more unusual than our previous posts. This week we’re focussing on the 1991 Honda Prelude. We’ve got this example for a bargain at just £400. Along with plenty of other cars and vans to suit any budget. You can also place your own free ad on the site if you’re looking to sell your used vehicle.

In the past our cars under £1000 blog has revolved mostly around 10-15 year old hatchbacks, but this week it’s a bit different. The 1991 Honda Prelude Coupe is a very striking vehicle. It may be significantly older than a lot of the other cars under £1000 we’ve examined but it is, in a lot of ways, much more fun and interesting.

The prelude is fast and the drive is great. It handles incredibly well and is generally a pleasure to drive. The cabin is remarkably luxurious for its age and the seats are very comfortable. This, coupled with the powerful acceleration and spacious interior make it a great car to drive around town or for long stints on the motorway.

Lots of early 90s Hondas are renowned for their durability. If you find a Prelude that has been looked after then high mileage shouldn’t be a problem. Preludes give off a distinct feeling that these hardy cars are so well built they could last forever.

The exterior of the Honda Prelude is stylistically striking. From the square, retro boot and rear bumper to the pop up headlights at the front, this car is a talking point. If you want a car that is a bit more unusual, than the normal Corsas and KAs people choose as their first car, then this could be the perfect car for you.

Considering how fast the Prelude is, as well as its age, it is highly fuel efficient. Depending which engine you choose, insurance prices do vary greatly. But overall the running costs of the Honda Prelude are pretty low.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap first car, a reliable run around or you want a project to upgrade, the Honda Prelude is an exciting and reliable car for under £1000.

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