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vauxhall astra hatchback for sale

For our cars under £1000 blog this week we’re looking at the Vauxhall Astra. We’ve got a 2002, petrol engine Astra for just £850 at Along with lots of other examples to suit any budget. You can also place your own free ad on the site if you’re looking to sell your used car.

If you’re looking for a family car, but don’t want to miss out on the practicality of a smaller hatchback, the Astra is a great middle ground. It can comfortably seat 5 people and it has boot space enough for large shopping trips, luggage or smaller furniture items. They can also be fun to modify if you’re looking for an engineering project.


  • Looks – One of the main benefits of the Vauxhall Astra is the aesthetics. It looks pretty smart. The more recent reworks of this model aren’t hugely different from this version so it still looks very modern.
  • Size – It’s large enough for a family to fit inside whilst still being practical around town and easy to park.
  • Quiet engine – The 1.6 8v engine isn’t as powerful as other Astras, but it does mean that driving at higher speeds is a bit more relaxing.
  • Reliable – The clutch and gearbox especially are fairly resistant to normal wear and tear. Also, as the Astra doesn’t have a lot of gadgets there is less to go wrong.


  • Not especially comfortable – The engine can feel a bit bumpy at higher speeds and the seats have been criticised for being uncomfortable
  • Relatively slow – The 1.6 8v engine is significantly less powerful than the 16v which is on the market. But, this does have the upside of being less fuel thirsty.
  • No gadgets – This isn’t a big deal, in fact it means there is less to go wrong, but there’s definitely something missing with a car this new with no gizmos.


In all the Astra is a “safe bet”. It’s reliable, inexpensive to maintain and it looks good. If you want a car for under £1000, especially if you’re looking for a family car, this could be perfect for you. However, the size means it doesn’t have the fun, edgy feel of other hatchbacks on the market.

Find out more about this model here.

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