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How to Make Your CV Better Than the Competition

CVJob-hunting is a pretty rough “sport”, so to say. The competition is always tough and a lot of things are at stake. And, the entire thing starts with one little piece of paper – your CV. When it comes to this, you should be aware that just a few simple mistakes can lead to your CV being thrown in the trash and no one will even read it. All your efforts will go to waste. You should go through the following piece of text in order to find out some pretty useful tips, which will surely aid you along the way:

Your CV Is Usually Checked By A Computer First!

The advancements in technology are making each and every job a bit easier. The person who is in charge of examining resumes will surely use some software that will help him or her get the best 100 CVs, out of thousands, sometimes even millions. The first things they check are certain keywords. If you are writing a resume for a certain position, the person writing should, logically, mention his or her set of skills directly related to that position. However, when they write, people tend to go a bit overboard and they put in all sorts of things – their cooking skills, dental health and all sorts of irrelevant things. Therefore, keep your resume relevant.

Read It Out Loud!

On the other hand, if you stuff it with obvious keywords – that will also be disregarded. In the end, your CV should sound natural – therefore, you should definitely read your resume out loud. You can even read it to your spouse, or friend, or anyone. You should check their reactions and consider their advice. You have to make sure that your CV sounds good!

No Grammar Mistakes!

Mistakes in typing can occur very often and grammar mistakes are also very common. Some CV reviewers claim that they have seen pretty illiterate pieces of writing in their resumes. You can find some pretty funny ones if you follow this link.

Nevertheless, check what you are writing while you are writing it, after you have written it, and then a few times more. Actually, sometimes it is hard to spot an error in your own text. A “fresh pair of eyes” should always go through your text. If you don’t have someone you can rely on, like your high school teacher for instance, you can always find someone who will check and even edit your text for a small fee. It is better to be safe than sorry. When they return your text back to you – read it again!

Make Sure You Send It To The Right Address!

First of all, when they send the mail, some tend to misspell the address, which can lead to nothing good. Be sure to check that.

On a related subject, a company usually provides the applicants with a certain mail address. However, you can always check and find the personal address of the project manager. He or she is bound to have it on some social media account, since everyone has a social media account. This will increase your chances a lot, because it will show that you are hungry for work.

Focus On Formatting

Since you are writing an e-document, you should use the advantages of this and include headings, subheadings and bullet points – anything that will make the text look better. If you have a website, why not include a link. If you have something posted on the web about your skills, why not include a link. The more time the project manager spends exploring your resume, the more chances you get for being hired.

This is enough to get you going. You should consider indulging in some further reading, since you can find a lot of useful articles and testimonials. In the link below, you can find some very useful texts via Huffington Post and Metro Resumes.

To wrap up, you should pay attention to your CV, since a good resume will open a lot of doors. Everything else depends on you. In this harsh economic climate, having a steady job is very important. Do not waste your opportunities and think ahead. You will need a bit of luck, but if you put effort in it, luck will find you.

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