Wardrobe : Organise your wardrobe with our clothes storage tips

Organise your wardrobe

Wardrobe :  how to organise your wardrobe and simplify your life. Do you struggle and stress when you get ready in the morning? Does it take you minutes, not seconds, to find something that you were looking for in your wardrobe? Take action. ORGANISE your wardrobe.

nothing to wear

1.  Ruthlessly decide which items you wish to:

Display : these items will be your go-to pieces which require hanging in your wardrobe. E.g Blouses, dresses and any items you do not wish to fold, but do wish to use fairly regularly.

Store in chest of drawers : foldable items such as t-shirts, jeans, underwear and gym wear

Store in suitcases out of sight and out of reach : in the summer this will include knitwear and coats, whilst in the summer this will include bikinis, shorts and summer dresses.

Sell : These items will be worth something – perhaps brand new with tags, perhaps a cocktail dress which you only wore once. Do not include the shabby t-shirt in this pile.

Donate : These items should be washed, clean and in good condition. These can be dropped off at your local charity shop.

Take or Toss Expert organisers know to do this at the very beginning. Why? Deciding which items you wish to take and toss will save you money. How? You will not purchase more new hangers and storage boxes than necessary. Typically people in the UK only wear around 20% of the clothes they own!


2. Organise into a pattern that suits you.

We think that arranging your organised wardrobe based on colour is an easy way to display your clothes and makes you more inclined to remain organised. Alternatively you may adopt a system based on the item itself – such as hanging tops on the left and trousers on the right. Our best advice is to choose a system that is manageable for you which gives you more of a chance of developing behaviour that will become a good habit.

3.  Hangers

Storage space is a luxury for most of us, between sharing flats with partners, roommates and children – we need all the space we can get! Save space with thin wire hangers in your wardrobe. Anti-slip hangers in your wardrobe are a great choice for trousers and offer an alternative to the traditional trouser hangers with clips.

Disorganised shoe wardrobe4.  Shoe storage

Loot recommends storing your shoes on shoe racks, at the bottom of your wardrobe. Alternatively clear shoe boxes are a great storage option and help you to avoid chaos. Shoes must be visible to maintain a well-organised wardrobe and avoid the panic associated with dressing in a hurry.


5.  Out of season items

Store out-of-season items in boxes or suitcases above your wardrobe (or under your bed) ready for the next season.

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