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Pet of the Week – English Springer Spaniel

By Andri Lysandrou

Pet of The Week - Springer SpanielThe English Springer Spaniel falls into the ‘Gun Dog’ breed category. They are the original hunting dog and are thought to have begun their popularity with hunters  since the year 1700.  Their name is derived from their working history, with the dog being used to flush out and literally ‘spring on’ the game. They can hunt on land, through water and retrieve for a whole day without tiring.

As pets, they are even tempered dogs, gentle, sociable and make great companions for children. They are relatively inactive indoors making them the perfect pet for town and city as well as country life and they  can cope well in small living accommodations. They are affection, good natured and sincere and welcome visitors to your home.  Due to their natural obedience, they are quick to learn new skills, are excellent at agility tests and can easily be taught new tricks.

The English Springer Spaniel loves a life of order and structure. Due to their energetic working history, they require a very regular and fairly extensive exercise regime, so bear this in mind if you think of acquiring one. They have bounds of energy and if unspent, they can become frustrated and unsettled which may lead to excessive barking when left alone and other disruptive behaviours.  Nevertheless, they make fantastic pets! Offer them a structured routine, a steady family environment and plenty of daily exercise and you will find the English Springer Spaniel to be one of the most rewarding and loving dogs to have around. Check out our newest English Springer Spaniel arrivals today on Loot!

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